Kim Si Hyang


The lovely young lady you see above is Kim Si Hyang. Kim Si Hyang is/was a popular Korean race queen – one of the first to pose nude. Remember how many times you guys said in the comments “man, why won’t they ever pose nude?” If you’re keeping a tally somewhere, you can now say you have at least one. Kim Si Hyang has a sex tape too but like most of them they’re likely boring and unremarkable.Stats:

Age: 28
Height: 5’8
Ethnicity: Korean
Located: South Korea







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0 thoughts on “Kim Si Hyang”

  1. Ahhh Korea, the place I first developed my incurable asian fever, 12 years ago.

    20 minutes after landing at Incheon airport, I knew I could never go back to western ladies. And living in the Beef Capital of Australia has reaffirmed that….

    I love Korean woman. Note the use of the singular term, for I’m pretty sure all the pretty ones are actually clones. Nonetheless, Korea knows how to produce fine lady.

    And bring on the flame wars, but Korean bush is the finest of all. Must be the kimchi.

  2. Not much to get excited about really – guy with a small dick, who can’t even be bothered to take off his shirt and sox while he is farking her!

  3. Of course they aren’t real! Her boob job could be better (though it certainly isn’t terrible), but that’s about the only significant criticism I can make here. Very nice indeed.

  4. Seriously doubt they’re real, consider the size shape and proportions, not to mention her being Korean.

    PS: I usually don’t rely on the porn guy to provide my excitement, but that’s just me…

  5. Well she sure is cute enough. And, yes the boob job could be better. It isn’t horrible, though. Very nice for the most part.

  6. They may not be real, but they are FANTASTIC! In fact, the whole package is AMAZING!

    I absolutely love Korean girls…especially this one! And not just because she still has hair in her lap…but that is so gorgeous to see!

  7. Love her!
    reminds me of the Cityvibe girls we have in California… usually shaved, though, but I wouldn’t mind Kim’s bush.

  8. i like many of the people above place korean woman on the top echelon of asian woman. she is a goddess.

  9. As I’ve said before, Koreans are remarkably split: when they’re hot, they’re the hottest Asians, but when they’re not…

    Still, I think Vietnamese are the most beautiful (in the true sense of the word) and Japanese are the cutest. Chinese (especially Taiwanese) are great overall package deals.

  10. yeah you are right about the korean extremes.

    It was always disturbing seeing these hot mini-skirt wearing ladies prancing around, and then seeing the wrinkled aggressive sun visor and floral pants wearing “ajuma” (older married woman).

    Surely they can’t be the same species!! Sure as heck made me think twice about marrying my korean girlfriend at the time…

  11. Pretty fine specimen of womanhood. I’m surprised we don’t get more posts of Korean women on here. While I prefer the Vietnamese girls, here in LA some of the hottest women ever are K-Town girls.

    It seems to me all asians have that split, really hot or really not.

  12. Hate to be a party pooper, but the actress in the sextape is not her. The girl in the video is a retired JAV actress named Rina release by Queen8, a JAV company that releases uncensored titles. Just google “queen8 Rina” and you’ll see the thumbs.

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