Kim Lee


Kim Lee is a model that has probably been featured before but I’m struggling to get this search to work while I’m setting this up. Usually I use Google, but Google has been functioning poorly for this site lately. Anyway, so here she is again or for the first time. She’s half French and half Vietnamese. Woo!Photos:





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  1. Nice mix! French and any kind of asian would look exotic, I imagine. Don’t mind the repost at all.

    Oh, 1st link not workin, asking for login.

  2. I really like arf’s pic! And Frenchs’ too.

    A bit masculine in the facial features but, i love mixed Asian women!

  3. Half Vietnamese, half French and two bits American. Very sexy, when these girls go for the Japanese style implants they will be perfect.

  4. I really like it when Asian Sirens posts a unique Siren for the whole long weekend….

    Thank you, Travis.

    Man, this woman is busy….check out her social media.

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