Khổng TΓΊ Quỳnh


Khong Tu Quynh is a Vietnamese singer, and like a lot of singers, she dabbled in modeling. She’s also very young, and by all accounts (read: poorly translated Vietnamese), she’s aging in a way that should only improve her appearance in the future.Stats:

Age: 20
Height: ?
Ethnicity: Vietnamese
Located: Vietnam








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0 thoughts on “Khổng TΓΊ Quỳnh”

  1. I’ve got her down as –

    Height – 162cm
    Weight – 43kg
    Breasts – I’d like to know.

    She looks nice enough, though she’d need to show a little more for my full opinion. And there aren’t a whole lot of pic’s around of her at the moment.

  2. Her nose job looks a little OTT in some shots, but apart from that, she has that Viet look I usually find so appealing. I like the third shot in particular – she looks quite sexy here.

  3. I like the 3rd pic too, but the 2nd pic does it for me. She is gorgeous in that one. Relaxed and natural candid moment on the street.

  4. You mean “Tickling” Longtack?

    Yes, you are correct. Whilst engaged in late night conversations about our respective stamp collections, we might also break out the feathers and give each other a little tickle under the arms, before returning to our stamps. Ahhhh bliss.

  5. Of course I did kroos! (wink) And you meant of course, the feathers on a shuttlec**k. Maybe she plays badminton as well???

  6. She’s sexy as could be. I’m also going to go out on a limb and assume her music wouldn’t be to my tastes, but I’d still be willing to watch the videos on mute.

  7. Saucy on the outside and fiery on the inside, I’m sure. Even-tempered Vietnamese woman is an oxymoron.

    When I was a boy, I also collected stamps. Had a decent set when I gave it up, but never had the chance to chat about it with anyone until now.

    LT – did you know that a good badminton serve can be as much as 180 miles per hour? That’s one fast bird.

  8. And Filipinas are like riding a roller coaster; I’m either the best husband in the world or the worst! Sometimes in the same day!

  9. dipper, I doubt you’ll get much opportunity to chat about stamps here. But can I say, I have a nice collection building of Chinese stamps. I simply ask my students to save them for me to swap for used Aussie ones.
    And from the last few comments, beginning with dipper’s badminton info, you guys’d be great at Trivial Pursuit.
    With her short fuse, I think my Chinese ex had Vietnamese blood in her.
    And apologies for going so far off topic.

  10. hey Longtack, if your chinese ex looked anything like this lady, I reckon she would have had a bit of Australian in her too….

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