Kelly Siew

Kelly Siew

I first caught medical intern/singer Kelly Siew at her Xanga blog (where you’ll find links to all her other personal web pages) and immediately thought her worthy of an Asian Sirens entry. Having studied singing since she was 8, the 5’8″, 24 year-old Malaysian native currently lives in Australia, where she’s a first-year intern at a small hospital in Melbourne.Kelly’s trying to decide between OB/GYN, psychiatry, or family medicine. However, she tells me singing is still her first love, which she does semi-professionally.

Some of her achievements include being named first runner-up at this year’s TVB International New Talent Singing Championship and 2nd runner-up at this year’s Chinese Melbourne Miss University Contest. She also loves cooking and even shares some of her many personal recipes at her Xanga.

Kelly Siew

Kelly Siew
At the Chinese Melbourne Miss University Contest

Kelly Siew
Performing at the TVB International New Talent Singing Championship

In case you didn’t catch these links at her Xanga:
Her Blogspot
Her Facebook
Her Friendster
Her Myspace
Her Youtube (A showcase for her singing)

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  1. Awww…such a cutie…and she’s got the athletic thighs going.I’m not a big fan of pageants.She can stop with that mess asap…but you’re right CEC32.She’s damn near flawless.

  2. She’s gorgeous. Her legs are great…powerful legs to better wrap around my waist……..
    the rest left unsaid…

  3. Daddy likey. I also love them legs in the third shot…powerful legs to better wrap around my…oh, never mind.

  4. Hi Kelly! (just in case you read this)

    Quite a beauty, her second photo is even more flattering than the first. I sure like the legs too!

    Such a cute doctor too, I always wonder if such great looks aren’t bad for some patient’s health… I mean, my heartbeat and blood pressure would be affected, that’s for sure. 🙂

  5. go smart girls! i think her legs look really strong and toned, so thumbs up. major props for being well-rounded and being artistic with her singing, yet technical with her interest in medicine.

    …BUT her friendster account (from daznlover’s link) made me cringe — come on, da vinci code, the devil wears prada, and jackie collins? she calls herself a bookworm? ima slap this girl with some proust and wilde tomes – this is just as bad as saying you’re a bookworm when the only thing you read is harry potter…and harry potter fanfic.

    so only 4.25 stars for you (out of 5), kelly siew!

  6. Looking at her myspace, she has some interesting friends (such as Jaci).

    I dared hearing Kelly’s youtube videos and I was actually very nicely suprised. On time, on tone, easily picking the high pitches.

    I really enjoyed hearing her, but I’m no music producer. What’s the opinion of the music connosseurs around here?

  7. She’s a very competent singer, with quite a good voice (and surprisingly western sounding). However, she has a tendency to oversing, in the Mariah Carey tradition – a little too much style over substance.

  8. Ive seen this girl in the clubs. She not all that great close up in real life. But in the photos very deceiving indeed, very impressed 🙂

  9. …but to appear on Asian-Sirens really shows that she has true beauty to the woman kind. All hands up for Kelly Siew !!!!,

  10. Despite having different URL’s all three of those Friendster links bring me to the same picture (#10…the great nurse picture). Weird.

    I like Kelly, fine. She looks better in some pics than in others (duh!). But, I have to agree with Christine, that her pop culture reading list is a little predictable and mundane.

    Oh, well…


  11. “Western”, I’d say more “hip hop” sound which became popular with Witney Houston way back. I really wish that sound would just die. All the girls try to over vocalize and that’s just how it’s been. I definitely prefer the more natural sound I hear from other asians.

  12. When I say “western sounding”, what I mean is the tone of her voice – when she sings, she sounds more like a white girl than an Asian girl. As I say above though, I agree this Whitney Huoston/Mariah Carey singing style is really getting old. It may win talent quests, but it really sounds forced.

  13. An asian hee haw country western chick. Would that be a first or what? I also wish hip hop would just die. Or at least get out of my face and off my TV.

  14. Her figure is amazing! And her legs whoa…I need to check for high blood pressure down there.

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