Katina Fimmel


Katina Fimmel is a Brisbane based model whose ethnic background I couldn’t find, and ultimately stopped looking for. Whoops. But she also has a web site that you can visit, as well as countless photos in her portfolio. Enjoy.Stats:

Age: 24
Height: 5’6
Located: Brisbane



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  1. Actually, she lists herself as 5’3″, not 5’6″. She also says she’s 31-23-31 — I’ve got to say they are probably the nicest pair of 1’s I’ve ever seen.

    I don’t even mind the tat:-)

  2. As a local girl, I’d like to like her, but she doesn’t really do anything for me. Also, are you sure she’s Asian Travis? She looks more Latina to me.

  3. I agree wylde8. She’s a knockout! In her iStudio portfolio, however, she claims to be ‘Asian’ and that’s enough evidence for me.
    Look out for her Doc, she is a Brisbane beauty consultant as well – or ask your photographer mate; I’ve forgotten his name, is it Ben? and interview her.

  4. I obviously stand corrected on her ethnicity!

    Of course, Ben is welcome to shoot her if he wishes, but I really just can’t get excited about her, in spite of her trim body. Perhaps I might feel different if I met her in person.

  5. body is decent however face is not all that. If you look at the second picture you know what i’m talking about. While mixed ethnicity is usually great and leads to some very attractive woman i’m not really into her.

  6. Now on from Jennifer and for those amazed
    That I wasn’t a part of her Siren craze
    The follow-on to her is a truly can’t-miss
    This lovely lass from Down Under Bris.

    While she may not be the pantheon of perfection
    She’s certainly a very fine selection
    Some may say they don’t like her thighs
    I say they’re quite the ideal size

    Just small enough to fit me right
    And large enough to hold me tight.
    How tall is she? I really don’t care.
    I won’t even notice when her all is bared.

    Best of all – be great when she speaks
    As long as it’s something short of a shriek.
    She wouldn’t need to utter something very ornate
    I’m sure to melt when she says, “Crikey, mate.”

    How much Latina? How much true Asian?
    Not concerned of her ethnic persuasion.
    Whatever she asked, I be certainly agreed
    Long as she’s willing to ride this steed.

  7. I would have guessed Lebanese or perhaps part Indian even. Either way it’s all Asia 😉 she has a nice curvy figure.

  8. Nice work again dbldipper. 🙂

    And yes, while her body is nice, her face just doesn’t look quite right to me. Mixed girls can either be gorgeous (the best of both worlds) or a bland mixture without much individual character. For me, Katina falls into the latter camp. Indeed, her features are a little too robust for me.

  9. Actually, she is a spitting image of a young Chinese woman I know. In fact, many ‘Chinese’ women I know and have seen don’t have the ‘classic’ Chinese stereotypical features. Some look Caucasian even.

  10. Looking at her again (and judging from her name), I’d say she means Asian as in “from the Indian subcontinent” – they often have robust features. Still technically Asian, yes, but not what we normally go for around here.

  11. I’d say she is tincture of Asian. In the first picture she looks like she might have some Indian or Pakistanian blood. But her racial profile makes sense, I guess.

    And as others have noted, who cares when they are this pretty.

  12. Yeah, my initial impression is in line with her claimed ethnicity, but her name isn’t – as I said, it sounds Indian to me, but I could be wrong (I am not an expert on women from that part of the world). And on a second look, she does look like she could have Indian blood. Her ethnicity is hard to pick!

  13. ” a bland mixture without much individual character” ?! ouch!! sure hope she doesn’t read that, poor girl…
    Lee, for a second, I was thinking of cautiously reminding you about the posting rules, but then again, you’re the moderator!

  14. Katina is beautiful and has a nice body, but she’s bland to me as well. I’m going through her photos and there’s nothing about them that makes me go wow about her.

    If she looked more Asian, then I would like her more. If I met her in person, I’d probably be doing cartwheels, but from her photos, she looks pretty plain to me.

  15. What a great ethnic mix, love it. While she doesn’t look typically Asian, she’s a nice change of pace for me. I like that were seeing some different looks here.

  16. I think she’s HOT!! True, she doesn’t have the typical Asian facial features most of us identify with when the word ASIAN is tossed into the mix, but she looks great to me. At first I was also thinking Lebanese (although that’s probably considered middle eastern and not Asian), or possibly even Thai. I don’t think I would have guessed Filipina.

    I think I’ll go gloss over some of her portfolio.

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