Katie Aston in Penthouse Thailand

Katie Aston in Penthouse Thailand (Photography: Adam Yurman)

We featured Katie Aston before, and now I received scans of her Penthouse photoshoot by Adam Yurman. Check out the photo’s in More or the complete photosets at PacificBeauty.com.
Katie Aston in Penthouse Thailand (Photography: Adam Yurman)

Katie Aston in Penthouse Thailand (Photography: Adam Yurman)

Extra photo from PacificBeauty:

Katie Aston (Photography: Adam Yurman)

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  1. I almost bought this today. But this magazine is too expensive for me, 180 baht. That’s more than half a day pay for an average worker in Bangkok, or 4 times the cost of lunch at the food court in the mall, or the cost of a cute pair of shoes on sale…you get the picture.

  2. If I would have saw this magazine while I was still in Thailand, I would have bought it. Now I need to get this set or the mag scans or I’ll be 🙁

  3. Robin , Marco , in case you are still infatuated with Tiara lestari , she recently soft launched her website : http://www.tiaralestari.com/ she is selling downloadable images of her for Rp5000 / download (about US$ 0.75) now that she is back in Indo, she is using her celebrity status which she gained from posing in Playboy to become a tv / movie star, meanwhile trying to scrap some bucks doing books of her “elegance” pose photos and internet downloads.

  4. Hi hotbytes. I think our infatuation with her is somewhat over 😉 Damn, that site is slow! And again in Indonesian. Bummer.

    But please keep this thread on topic. We have numerous entries on Tiara, let’s not use this Katie posting for her 😉

  5. Now this is news! Her site is very slow though, and it seems Tiara’s pretentious side has really taken over now. I’ll leave it to Robin to follow up on this one…

  6. Amazing body and very cute face. I’m sure Dr. Lee would agree she could have gone a little larger – but these are very well proportioned for her body.

  7. Ah but I must disagree…Tiara isn’t even close in hottness to what Katie (Thitima) is…

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