Kathleen de Leon

Kathleen de Leon

I have to say I’m no fan of children’s TV (even when I was one!), but there’s one kid’s program that has me transfixed every time I see it: Hi-5. Why? Three words: Kathleen de Leon (alright, so the two Aussie girls in the group are pretty cute too!).

I’ve been wanting to post on this cutie since re-launching Asian Sirens, but despite being in this massively successful Australian children’s group, there is astonishingly little information about her on the web, and the photo above was the only decently sized one I could find. I couldn’t even find out what her ethnicity is, although I’m guessing she’s Filipina (even though her favourite foods are Thai and Japanese). I don’t even know if she was born in Australia or not.There is one thing I do know about her, however: she’s just gotten married to Daniel Jones, ex-member of the lightweight but even more massively successful Australian pop duo Savage Garden. To add insult to injury, she did it right near where I live on the Gold Coast! Full story here.

Before joining Hi-5, she’d already found acclaim for her roles in the Australian productions of the musicals Rent and Miss Saigon. Hence, she certainly isn’t the kind of performer who could only find work on a kid’s program! Indeed – like the other members of Hi-5 – she is a very capable performer indeed, with a very bubbly personality. In this case, there’s a very good reason why Hi-5 has been so successful!

Here’s a couple of fan sites (with photos):


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  1. Couldn’t agree with you more – I did in fact used to get up 15 minutes early just so I could catch her on Hi-5. I was pointed towards her by my old boss who said it was the only kid’s show he actually enjoyed watching with his daughter as it had ‘a little something for the Dad’s’ too…

  2. I love her look! Very cute and very sexy with a nice dark tan. Yes, she looks Filipina to me too and I love Filipinas. 🙂

  3. Hi Lee, well….i love the Filipina “look”. In fact, i’m trying to pull together my next posting which will feature a Filipina….she’s not too dark though…medium skin color….but abundant in other areas! 🙂

    PS: I guess I’m definitly partial since my current and previous 2 girlfriends were all Filipinas. I didn’t really plan it that way….but I just seem to click well with them. 🙂

  4. Hi Northman. It seems our taste in women is somewht different, but that adds to the diversity of posts at AS, and when it comes to someone as cute as Kathleen (or Jessica Alba for that matter) I guess we all can’t help loving them! 😉

  5. Why does America have to do their own version of everything? Why can’t they just screen the original and best version? In this case my vote certainly goes to Kathleen! 😉

  6. Does anyone have vid caps of the show she did a while back where her nipples were very arroused?

    She is a little fox, I just love her.

  7. has anyone noticed Hi-5’s new ‘Asian’ presenter Fely Irvine? I believe (from limited research) she is half Fillipino and half Scottish. She is however extremely cute and is continuing the good work started by Kathleen. Let’s hope she doesn’t marry a member of Savage Garden, especially as the one that is left is particularly good with colours from what I hear.
    a vid…

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