Katherine Li


Katherine Li is a model from the Philippines and/or Singapore with a blend of different photography styles from the expensive and well edited to the low/no edit and basic. You can find additional photos of her here with a few other models, and you can visit her website here, however many of those photos appear to be password protected.Stats:

Age: 26
Height: 5’6
Ethnicity: Not Quite Sure
Located: Philippines











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0 thoughts on “Katherine Li”

  1. I have to disagree Nancybui, I actually think they are strangely appealing.

    I just hope the tatts in the other shot are fake.

    Lucky cucumber…..

  2. The first picture makes her look so sweet and demure, then the next ones not so much. That’s a good thing btw…

  3. I was working on something that referred to handling cucumbers and cupping balls, but it wouldn’t come together. Travis lobbed a softball with Katherine, but I swung and missed.

    Agree with everyone, she’s cute and I like the skinny. By looking at her web site, I bet she’s also lively and fun. Something beyone spunky, perhaps?

  4. I love the 3rd shot (nice trim arse and curves). I’d go with the real tats being up around her neck kroos.
    I have to agree with (swoon) Nancy Bui; the tan lines are a little distracting and could – no, should – have been shopped out.
    C’mon dipper, balls and cukes. Can’t be too hard…err difficult to get a (festive, perhaps) rhyme together.
    And ‘beyond spunky’? hmmm now that’s a thought.

  5. This girl’s a keeper… beautiful face and a sexy little body. That last pic makes me think think such dirty thoughts.

  6. Ahh .. I see my grasshopper has been practicing with the cucumber. I think she’s ready for this sensei ..

    Great find this one… luv them natural breasts. Some may say small but enough for me.

  7. I’d love to see
    This Katherine Li,
    nude upon on my bed
    I’d love to kiss her tan line
    and let her give me…….. a smile.

    I’d love to lay beside her
    in early morning slumber
    She’d be my breakfast salad bar
    and I’d be her cucumber…

  8. This girl has a real model’s face, in so much as her look can be changed completely with a change of makeup. She does have a nice, trim body though, and a lot of the photography is spectacular – she’s one of those “photographer’s canvas” types of models, who doesn’t impose much of her own character on the photographer’s creativity. I don’t mean to imply that is a positive or negative, just a statement of fact

  9. The quality ranges from shot to shot here and in her portfolio. I suspect she does well with a good photographer, make up and lighting. If you look at her personal or non professional shots she looks average and is without a doubt Filipina.

    I wonder if some of her shots are when she was a bit younger because in some she seems less fresh. If she has been modeling for a few years, age and Makati nights might be taking their toll. Sadly, its a very hard wall the ladies hit in RP.

  10. Yeah, beautiful, but needs a touch of fur on that cootch. I generally like them, but shaved on this one looks disturbingly adolescent.

  11. I love the devilish look on her face in that last shot with the cucumber. Is she putting a condom on it by the way?

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