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What do you get if you cross an ostrich farmer with an entrepreneur and a hot Asian model? You get the one and only Kaoru Kikuchi, who (as her name suggests) is ethnically Japanese, but is based in Hong Kong. I say ‘based’, as she travels all over Asia for her various projects, which includes the very sexy and funny Sexy Mandarin web site we featured previously. And yes, Sexy Japanese is coming soon – featuring not only Kaoru herself, but also her sister!Born in Tokyo, Japan, she studied architecture in the UK at the behest of her parents, but decided it wasn’t for her. On a whim, she then went to Shanghai to study Mandarin, and soon after became a highly successful business woman. She launched Kozo, her own line of pearls and lingerie, and even started her own ostrich farm in the Philippines. She has also been working as a model for the past two years, and her career seems to really be taking off, with features in FHM Singapore (see the cover shot above), Adversus and Model News. I for one will certainly be following Kaoru’s future endeavours with great interest!


Height: 5’6″
Measurements: 32-23-32
Weight: 46 kg
Ethnicity: Japanese
Located: all over Asia (based in Hong Kong)











Model portfolio
Kozo Lifestyle and Glamour
Sexy Mandarin
Sexy Mandarin on Facebook
Sexy Japanese on Facebook

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0 thoughts on “Kaoru Kikuchi”

  1. Ya gotta love a girl that has kuchi in her name, and when she looks this good it’s all the better.

  2. hot in the fhm pics but a bit too much makeup in some of the others. Theres a few pics on her istudio with her and another asian chick which is pretty hot

  3. She does bring “the sexy”. The face is juuust a tad tranny…but not disqualifyingly so. Approved.

  4. WOW! That is one hot Japanese model. Good thing she doesn’t have that cookie cutter gravure idol look. I definitely would picture her in Miss World pageant for Japan and as a supermodel.

  5. ooh la la!!!!! Reminds me of a certain student when i was teaching in a Chinese university years ago……..

  6. @Kroos

    damn, reminds you of a student while you were teaching?! I-would-of-been-distracted [sitting down while teaching the class with the teacher]

    BTW, big thanks to Asian-Sirens staff for not having virus/spyware type of stuff here. I went to one site similar to here and my anti-virus picked up many things on it – sounds like “Bed-Hava.com” – anyone else have a problem like this? Sorry if this is a violation of rules. Just want to warn people cause almost ruined my LapTop

    BTW, How often are people over at Sunnybank/Market Square in Brisbane?

  7. Sorry thst first line was meant to be ——>” sitting down while teaching the class with that sorta looking STUDENT

  8. @MrJason: yes, I am very particular about that kind of thing – no malware, no pop-ups, not even any animations. I find that sort of thing extremely annoying, so I consider it unethical to subject my readers to it. Besides, I have to work here!

    So you are from Sunnybank? I’ll be going to Market Square and Sunnybank Plaza over the weekend, as I normally do.

  9. Oh, and to answer Wingsfan’s implied question: all I can say is – from my own personal dealings with Kaoru – she really seems like quite a nice girl.

  10. WoW!…those full luscious lips, those steamy sultry eyes, those long sexy Legs. She’s pretty perfect to me.

  11. I, for one, appreciate Dr Lee’s site philosophy: it makes visiting AS a refreshingly relaxing experience. Except when you feature hot exciting models like Kaoru 😉

    Pics 3, 6, 8 and 9 above are delicious!
    Beautiful, brainy and business-oriented with an eye to her financial life after modelling: my kinda woman.
    Oh wait..I have one just like her! Well not exactly like her but, I am not complaining. hehe

  12. Welcome to Asian Sirens Kaoru!

    I am very curious: what did the photographer think, seeing you and your sister writhing around together? 😉

  13. Thank you Dr. Lee!

    The DP was really hesitant, as it was my idea to do the SexyJapanese with my sister. He made it clear before we started shooting that he is not going to direct the sensual lesbian moves, so we just had to do it ourselves. My sister is actually a doctor and not a model so she was super uncomfortable as well, but I guess we worked it out by not thinking that we were totally doing the incest thing! If you guys have any questions, feel free to post it here and will make sure I answer-

  14. is your sister older or younger?
    the FHM cover is great, all the photos are very sexy. I imagine I would not learn much of the language as it would be hard to focus.

  15. Sounds like you need a less conservative DP. 😉

    I really salute what you’re doing here Kaoru. You could just have stayed comfortable as a business woman, but instead you’re really laying it all on the line to express yourself freely in the way you want, regardless of what other people might think. Sounds like Hayami is really laying it all on the line too!

  16. Actually this month’s FHM has 6 pages featuring me and then 2 pages featuring my sister! I actually have another younger sister who is also a model and still in University! Would love to be in Miss World but not sure if I have the height to be in it!

  17. Whoa Kaoru! You are so humble. I think you do. You seem tall to me or tall enough or I don’t know if it matters. Does your other younger sister have a model site?

  18. thanks Quyen, my sister is going to be in a movie in Japan but I don’t have much modeling photos of her!

  19. has anyone asked the obvious question yet, do you have a boyfriend? how about your sisters? 😉

  20. I wasn’t really implying anything, just stating that being a total “B” is the only thing that would ruin her for me. It’s obvious that isn’t the case — so — I’m usually free Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights (the other nights I charge)

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