Kalia Yang

Kalia Yang (Photography: Dean Johnson)

Although Kalia Yang calls Milwaukee, Wisconsin her home, her nationality is Hmong. Hmong? I had to look this up:

Hmong: A member of a people inhabiting the mountainous regions of southern China and adjacent areas of Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand.

Well, that sure is a nice nationality!

Her offical site KaliaYang.com seems to be out of order, but there are plenty of nice photo’s to be found on the web:Kalia Yang @ ModelGraphy.com
Kalia Yang @ EyeOnYourModels.com
Kalia Yang @ RedLineUSA.com
Kalia Yang @ Hot ImportNights.com
Kalia Yang @ STXProductions.com
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Interview with Kalia Yang @ IGN.com
Gallery Kalia Yang @ IGN.com

Some Facts:
Date of birth: 1981-08-20
Height: 5′ 0″ / 152 cm
Weight: 98 lbs / 44 kg
Measurements: 34B-25-35 / 86B-64-89
Hair: Black and Long
Eyes: Dk. Brown
Dress size: 0-2
Shoe size: 6

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  1. Hmmm, this must be the first Hmong model I’ve ever seen. Interestingly, there are many distinct ethnicities in these mountains, many of whom have hardly seen white people! Could be very interesting if you get “off the beaten track” while you’re in Vietnam (the people we normally call Vietnamese are actually of Cantonese stock).

  2. Actually, there are a growing number of Hmong models. Check out http://www.hmonghotties.com . Interestingly, I noticed that many of the Hmong models use the last name Yang (another example is the model Karen Yang). I wonder if that is a popular Hmong last name or just a coincidence.

  3. I remember reading in Kalia Yang’s Yahoo Group that she had moved from Wisconsin. I couldn’t remember where she moved to but searched the group messages and discovered that she moved to Miami early this year. She hasn’t been online much because she is working 12 hour days 6 days a week. Another interesting bit of news is that she was asked to be in an upcoming Survivor (TV reality show). She even put up a poll in her group in early July asking whether she should accept. Her main concern is that she would have to eat a bug.

  4. I had no idea there was this genre of models. There are many hmong in Thailand where I’ve been photographing good looking Thai women and collecting shots of Thai models. I don’t think I have encountered any hmong, although some of the models might be hmong for all I know. Nice find.

  5. Check my blog at asiansweetheart.blogspot.com. It’s not extensive (yet). I’ve got a lot of photos to add, just need to put in the time. Many are my own amateur shots plus a lot scanned from Thai fashion and men’s magazines.

    Although they are incredibly hot, few of the models have any exposure outside of Thailand.

  6. Wow! To be honest, in general Thai girls have never been my favourite, but some of the girls on your blog are sensational!

    I’ve added your site to the eroblog link directory – I recommend everyone check this site out!

  7. Thanks for the thumbs up. And compliments to Asian Sirens – I really like your work here.

    Before I moved to Thailand I had no idea how hot the average Thai girl was. The ones you usually see in the west (quite a few in Los Angeles area) don’t hold a candle to what you see just at a shopping mall in Bangkok. Then there are the girls at the motor shows…and the models…smokin’.

    Lot’s more photos on the way as time permits.

  8. About Hmong’s last names…Yang is one of the common last name. Vang and Thao are the biggest group but I seem to have more Yang girls who want to be a part of HmongHotties.com. Each last name represents different clan within the Hmong group. I think there are only a total of a dozen last names only within the Hmong ethnicity. There are numerous other ethnicities who only have a few last names as well. -Keith of HmongHotties.com

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