Kaila Yu @ ScanLover.com

Kaila Yu @ ScanLover.com

Kaila Yu has been around for a while, but she still is one of the hottest models! ScanLover.com has an extensive gallery of 174 photo’s. Enjoy!

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  1. We still didn’t do a feature on Kaila (I was counting on Marco to do her), but for those of you interested, I present some facts:

    Full name: Kaila Yu
    Nickname: Elaine Yang
    Birth name: Li Ting Yu
    Birth place: 16 May 1979, Taipei, Taiwan
    Ethnicity: Chinese (Taiwanese)
    Location: Bay Area
    Height: 5’3″ (1.63 m)
    Weight: 105 lbs.
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Measurements: 34B-24-33

  2. I have to say I really like Taiwanese women, as unlike other Asian women they are very aggressive. I don’t have to guess how they feel about me – they ask me out! Still, they can also be pretty hot-tempered. 😉

  3. I prefer dime sized nipples vs donut sized. 😉 I clicked on the scanlover link but it kept saying “under construction”. Odd. Anyone else have this problem?

  4. And you mean ‘aerolas’, not nipples. The nipple is just the little ‘eraser’ – the aerola is the area that surrounds it.

  5. WestCoast: You are right. I figure you guys knew what I was talking about. Look at that permanent breast shot (SACHIKO) that we have left of this frame… That chick has all nippls and no aerola. I prefer that… Super small ones with right proportioned breasts. 🙂 Big breasts on a small frame just doesn’t make sense. Kaila has nice sized breasts for her frame. I’m just not fond of the “aerolas”.

  6. Must have something to do with the great China firewall. But… I find it odd that I’m able to ping the site, but the site throws me a “under construction” page.

  7. Robin: Haha. Damn, I just reread my post….

    What it should have said:
    I prefer that… Super small ones, BUT with right proportioned breasts. ie B or C cups on that frame. 🙂

  8. Yes, or we could blame our great American companies that sell the technology to the communists…

    Luckily, asian-sirens isn’t blocked. Haha. I also have my ways around the commie’s firewall at my office but it would be a bad idea to surf for chicks and porn on that computer. Haha

  9. All I can ever see on scan-lover.com is a plain text message: “Under Construction.”

    Is traffic from China blocked? 🙁

  10. If you wanna laugh check kaila yu out as one of the finalists for RipeTV hosting
    Go to http://www.ripetv.com then go to “shows”, then “casting Ripe”, then click on kaila yu to watch the video. and register to vote

  11. Actually guys, it’s ‘aerolae’ (not ‘aerolas’). 😉

    And I think shokr got it right the first time around (yes Robin, I am serious). 😉

  12. Actually guys, it’s ‘aerolae’ (not ‘aerolas’). 😉

    According to dictionary.com either is ok. 🙂

    I could see Kaila with slightly larger breasts. But those are quite nice.

    Too bad about the Chinese blocking sites. They’ve come a long way in a short time – but this shows there’s still progress to be made.

  13. Robin, as long as the patient makes the right size choice and the doctor knows what he/she is doing, I really like implants. But when they’re too big and hard looking or the nipples aren’t in the right spot (aka Francine Dee) they aren’t very nice.

  14. Robin,

    “The Great Firewall of China” may be amusing the first time you hear of it, but it’s not fun at all to live under it. It’s very real. I don’t think I’ll ever get to see any of the galleries on ScanLover.com. “Under Construction” is all I get. 🙁

    The thing is, if the Great Firewall were denying me, I’d get a “Problem Loading Page” error. The “Under Construction” page leads me to believe that ScanLover.com itself is purposely denying visitors from China and serving a “Under Construction” page. I’m not sure whether it’s a case of self-censorship or stinginess…

  15. try http://anonymouse.org.. it’s a website that hides your ip address. it typically works with any website that doesn’t require cookies. i also live in china and i just tried it and it works for scanlover.com…. yes!!!

  16. Kaila Yu will be performing in a MTV CHI concert tommorrow night (September 23rd) in the Los Angeles area. She sent out a message to her mailing list letting folks know that tickets are free if you mention that you are there to see Kaila Yu at the door.

    You can view a copy of Kaila Yu’s original message that I posted in my Asian Divas Yahoo Group or view the MTV CHI concert website for more details (as Kaila mentions ignore the part about having to buy tickets on the MTV CHI concert website).

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