Jun Natsukawa

Jun Natsukawa

Checking my adult-feeds tonight (finally after weeks of hard work) I was attracted to this beautiful Japanese siren. Jun Natsukawa was born on September 19, 1983 in Tokyo, Japan. Considering her great success as a veteran gravure idol, it is suprising that Jun Natsukawa has not graced the cover yet of any Japanese magazine. She has however appeared as a guest on many TV shows including TBS.

Check out these links for some more pictures of this beauty:

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  1. Am I the only one having difficulty viewing some of the pictures lately? All I see is a stretched out essentially unviewable photo of what looks like a girl and says “Something Maclean singer.pianist.bellydancer”

    What’s up with this? It’s never happened before…

  2. I was getting that picture on both my RSS feed AND the site for a while. Do the pictures on the RSS feed not work?

  3. Ah, I guess the RSS feed must be pulling the pics from a remote IP address. Do you know exactly how this works Robin? I may have to make some mods to accomodate it (although it may not be possible).

  4. Ok, I am using NetVibes to handle the RSS feed. Now when I seem to access it, it seems to be displaying the correct picture. If it helps, I was not a member of this site before posting that comment. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m a logged in member now, so it works?

  5. In theory it shouldn’t happen that way – it should simply be a matter of whether the pics are hotlinked or not. I guess I’m going to have to find out more about how RSS works (I’ve never had any interest in it in the past).

  6. Lee, you should exclude the URL’s of the online RSS-readers in the .htaccess.

    At least I would suggest you to exclude: Bloglines, NetNewsWire and My Yahoo.

    Furthermore I would appreciate it when you put a warning from Asian Sirens instead of an image of Sachiko as nobody will understand why they get it.


  7. I’ve modified the .htaccess file so it simply doesn’t display any images at all when hotlinked – this may be the best we can do, unless we can figure out a way to let in all the RSS readers, and only the RSS readers.

  8. Jun Natsukawa ..the woman of my dreams

    Jun Natsukawa is really a Japanese Idol :
    marvellous beautiful Japanese siren a veteran gravure idol an Asian Adult Actress that deserves much success !!!

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