Jukia is an amateur AV star without many photos. As far as I can tell she doesn’t have a public last name or any information beyond being in a low budget video. She takes some nice photos though.Stats:

Age: ?
Height: ?
Located: Japan
Ethnicity: Japanese









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0 thoughts on “Jukia”

  1. Oh yes!!!! I do love an asian bush!!!

    Does anybody else see the irony of somebody with the handle “fungusfarm” complaining about an unkempt lady-cave???
    🙂 🙂

    If this lady was western, yeah i’d be bringing out the WD40 and a cigarette lighter for some major deforestation. For some reason however, on an asian lady all is forgiven…..

  2. Yikes kroos, WD40 and a lighter!! – for a bit of a controlled burn you mean? Got a permit mate? Informed the neighbours? I guess you are referring to those tough beefy Rocky gals who can take a bit of punishment.
    lol yes, irony indeed.
    And yes, I like this girl. Hottest looking Japanese woman AS has had for a while.
    Last pic is H-O-T! Something about her stance, she’s topless (nice nips!) and the boots … of course.
    Thanks Travis.

  3. Actually they are less boots than leggings, aren’t they? Never mind, they still look good to me.
    And I am adding the second pic, because of her smile and those lovely nips close-up.

  4. She has a nice energy this one. Lovely. I’ve just noticed that I only post about the ladies I particularly like on here. I should comment on the other ones as well.

  5. which crowd Doc? The “let her grow wild and free and allow me to explore the untamed wilderness” crowd, or the “fire up the whipper snipper, I’m going in” crowd?

    And I dunno Longtack about the grooming methods (if any) of the Rocky women. Judging by the number of kids and babies running riot around the place, i would hazard a guess that the women here just rely on friction to keep the jungle from getting out of control…

  6. Wow! Wow! and Wow! Beautiful and extremely photogenic. I like the closeups. I don’t mind natural pubes, btw. Provides a nice cushion.

  7. Overall I like her. Tits might be just a bit too phony for me, but they aren’t big balloons, so they aren’t terrible. Perfect size for her body, actually.

    Nice smile and shape and fairly pretty girl.

    I’m not militantly anti-bush. but she could stand a trim–just a bit of cleaning up.

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