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Photographer Adam Yurman checked in with Joy. Here’s what he has to say about her:

Joy won the honorable title of Penthouse Pet of the Year recently and was on the cover in Asia. Currently,in production, is a special Penthouse issue and Behind the Scenes DVD to feature more of this stunning Thai model.Her issue and the DVD are due out in June if all goes well. What can I say about Joy for those who are curious? She is a top pro with piles of glamour performance skills culled from years of CatWalk modeling. She is easy going and polite unlike some top models who feel a little too special. She is candid in her opinions about everything from politics to Sex and explains all of them well in her interviews. She likes to make love during violent rainstorms in condos on higher floors. She says her bottom is her sexiest appendage and she likes to have it well lit and photographed! (Glad to help there!), She is already making her way into the better magazines in several countries including Australia, London and Germany where editors are fawning over her aristocratic and sexy look.

Being that I am the photographer, the first place I sent her promo photos was to Robin so we can hear your candid comments and pump up Asian Sirens. Over to you guys, (and gals too now I see!).




PS, for those of you who are charmed enough by Joy to invest in a huge collection of all of her best angles, there is of course the website:

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  1. She is just a…joy to look at. (*Slaps forehead*). Practically perfect in every way.

    Gotta be careful with some Thai girls though coz some of them can pass for real-looking girls indeed.

  2. Robin,I always look forward to Adam’s submissions because, in my opinion, he posts the most beautiful girls and displays the best photography to truly capture them. Simply amazing.

    This girl is no exception. She’s stunning. I’m definitely going to be buying her issue of Penthouse if I can get my hands on it. Thanks Adam and Robin.

  3. two thumbs up!! looks like adam’s taste has lighten a little bit…she looks less Isan? very beautiful and shapely 🙂 almost chinese looking…

  4. Adam’s always very tight-lipped about this stuff, but I agree with LawBoy – she definitely doesn’t look Issarn to me (hence the fact that I like her!). She actually looks like she could be Vietnamese to me, although it is quite common for the lighter skinned Thais of mostly Chinese descent to have this sort of look.

  5. When the Penthouse magazine, (Joy Tribute), issue we are working on comes out in June, I will surely send over some pages to Robin to upload. BTW, I have a video interview scheduled with Joy for her upcoming behind the scenes DVD. Anyone care to have me ask her a special question? And if I get a flood of x rated jokes from Arf and Lawboy it’s gonna be hard to translate and explain to her.

  6. sawadi senor adam 🙂 we would never be so rude to such a lovely girl as joy and dont tell me they dont have xrated jokes in Thai :)) where can we get these dvd’s adam?. nice find bro, she is beautiful along with Ms. Cartoon.

    my question: does she plays for our team or for the other team?(natt chanapa) :))…and adam, please excuse the dude that mentioned about ladyboy. she definitely not a dude. two thumbs up:) i still owes you a beer in Vietnam bro. 🙂

  7. adam is sooooooo good……coz girls looks a hell lot hotter when hes takin their pics….seriously lol.hes good

  8. Tranny…hot? FLippinIrish likes chicks with dicks in another post and now Stripes uses this “tranny hot” term? What’s goin on around here?

  9. dark…i think they have some underlining issues :)) btw…who would try it if a ladyboy looks this hot?
    not that Joy is one…she looks too fem:) oh how i wish i can jump for joy:))

  10. All good, except for the implants (I would love to have seen her before those were put in there).

  11. Wow. Beautiful face, just like an ex-girlfriend of mine (although she was from the Philippines, so it’s kind of strange to see a Thai girl resemble a girl from there). I too wish she had forgone the implants though, but they are nicely done. Need more girls that look like this on this site IMHO.

  12. A thing of beauty is a Joy forever. (Keats)

    A beauty like Joy can have my thing forever. (Wingsfan19)

  13. Haha! Tranny hot, I’m going to have to use that from now on. I can’t lie about seeing some trannies that are smoldering. It all really started with a friend I had in college. To make the long story short… I didn’t know she was a he until about a month after we’d met. I was sitting on the floor in the student’s lounge when I get flashed some “frank and beans”. She was quite the cutie and I still call her Ate (Tagalog term for older sister). My mind has been totally open ever since.

  14. Many biological females just give off a masculine vibe.When I say “TRANNY HOT” I’m referring to that WOMAN.Baby voice aside…I think Kim Kardashian is “TH”.I don’t think her amazon older sister is.

  15. Ok, “Tranny Hot” was funny but …. I just have to put in my two cents here about the tranny chatter. I live in the Tranny capitol of the world and some very cool “Trannys”, (we call them Lady Boys in English), work for me as makeup artists and stylists. They are the best as they are the most passionate about beauty. Let me set this straight. Lady boys are all designing themselves one surgery at a time to look like a top model. Joy would be a strong example of a top model they are aspiring to look like. So if your favorite Tranny winds up reminding you of Joy it is because your favorite Tranny had a photo of a top model to work from. Hence the similarity between some top models like Joy and Trannys. Where it all goes really wrong is when naturally cute female models have bad surgeries and wind up looking like Trannys from the poor side of town. And Stripes, no offense, your joke was funny to me but you might have to consider that not everyone understands “Tranny Hot” and I don’t want a flood of Emails asking me if it’s true that Joy is a he. But then that is my problem and at AS there is free speech. Just wanted to put in my 2 Baht.

  16. I think she looks great, but her implants are awful! The nipples are not aligned at all. Sadly so many of these beautiful Thai girls get really poorly done implants. For example, look at Ingrid from Pacificbeauty. She’s drop dead gorgeous, has a slamming body, but her boobs look two balls were attached to her body. They are so poorly done. These girls aren’t making enough money I guess and are getting really cheaply done plastic surgery. I just wish they would get these girls hooked up with the Japanese surgeons, because I think looks wise they are wonderful, but their enhancements are poorly done.

  17. btw, the photos shown here don’t show my point. i have purchased all of her sets and it’s very clear how misaligned the nipples are.

  18. I could live with the misaligned nipples.
    Joy is really beautiful and I like her petite shape.

    Questions for her interview:
    1 – does she enjoy screaming with thunders, when she makes love on rainstorm nights?
    2 – what qualities does she likes the most, in a man?
    3 – what’s her phone number?

    I understand if the interview is too short to ask all of this. 🙂

  19. hey dazn..i asked the same questions but i think first we have to submit a financial statement :)) j/k

  20. She has been around, before her implants, as Pooky Kuriko at 88Square and as Chan Mei Wei at AN4U. I think the new tits are net positive…

  21. Joy as Chan Wei Chun @ peeasian
    it’s basically AN4U sets # SM00851A&B plus a lot of extra pics from the photoshoots, plus of course a few pee pics.

    393 pics 55 mb

  22. Great links thanks. Looks like she has done the whole range – a B/G shoot & even Peeasian. In the AN4U sets her ass looks like its seen some action. Got a copy of the June Penthouse & she now has a tatoo on her left shoulder.

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