Jessica Gomes in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

Jessica Gomes in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

Jessica Gomes (Singaporean/Portuguese) is in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Click on the tabs on the webpage: 57 pics, interview and videos.

Note from the Doc: this girl’s from Perth in Western Australia too!

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  1. Sure, but you’re running a news service here. You can’t expect your readers to get their news from the comments section. Jarah in SI definitely deserves her own item on the front page of A-S!


    Interesting, if you read the interview with her at SI, she seems like a very down to earth person with good values.

  2. The picture of Jessica Gomes with handprints on her boobs is strange. They put mud on her hands to make it look like they might be her own prints, but the orientation of the prints (fingers to the center, thumbs pointing down) makes it impossible for them to be hers — which means those are someone else’s handprints.

    I wonder how many people here would volunteer for that job? πŸ˜‰

    (It also begs the question, why did someone else have to put the prints there instead of Jessica putting them there herself?)

  3. Very nice!

    Both Jessica and Jarah look healthy, by that I mean, non-anorexic looking, like so many of the past SI models.

    Very beautiful girls and the photography is first rate as always.

    I wish they would smile once in a while.

  4. I was just glancing at the issue @ the supermarket and saw her. I assumed she was just Spanish, but regardless she’s hot. I’m definitely going to pick up the issue now.

  5. Another girl from Singapore that I use to love when I was a teenager was Julia Nickson-Soul (you may remember her from the movie, Rambo 2)

  6. Really classic beauty and discreet.
    Hot body, slightly curvy.

    Really like the dolphin photos.

    Her breasts look great too. Are they real doc, as I think they are?

  7. I just added the all-important information about her nationality to the main article. πŸ˜‰

    Even though this girl looks more Portuguese than Singaporean, I really like her healthy, natural look. If you look at a lot of other Aussie models, you will see that we seem to be pretty good at this type of look, regardless of the girl’s actual ethnicity.

  8. I also have to complement Sports Illustrated on the outstanding photography – it may not be nude, but I’ll take this over that plastic Playboy crap any day!

  9. More good stuff from us “puritanical” Americans.

    I wonder when SI will drop all the pretense and just publish photos of nekkid women.

  10. Why oh why does God sanction women like her to be made! SCIENCE DAMN IT! I could never have sex with a woman like her. Not that I wouldn’t strangle a male Silverback Gorilla with my bare hands (while covered in bananas) for the chance. It would be over before it even started. She would (miraculously enough) agree to a stabbing session with the “Irish Shorty” (as I love to call him) and I would repaint her favorite room (if you know what I mean) as soon as she freed the “Little Monster”. I grieve for the hotness of these women… sigh.

  11. Choi needs to work out some more, she looked like one of those chubby nerdy girls in highschool and um how does she even compare to Gomes =p

  12. Wasn’t comparing her to Gomes — but would you turn her down, Izbone? Zamscan, I prefer Anabel to Janipher but didn’t realize looking at the thumbnails of the cheerleader pics that she was Asian. I’d like her better with darker hair, but she has a killer body. Natural?

  13. FlipnIrish,

    How’s things at Dunder Mifflin Scranton?
    By the way, does your user name refer to Flipping as in Freakin’ or are you half Filipino – half Irish? Either way, it’s cool.

  14. BTW, the Dunder Mifflin Scranton reference is from the American TV show (adopted from England) “The Office”, where the manager frequently makes the “That’s what she said” comment, even during meetings and depositions!

  15. Wingsfan19,

    Yeah, I’m Filipino and Irish… thanks for the compliment on the screen name. I don’t ever really get the chance to see the “Office”, though I’ve caught small parts of it. It’s funny but I use every chance I get to say that that was what she said… weird.

  16. Thanks Eddy! I love asian Aussies too… like Natalie Mendoza (who has been featured here before).

  17. I seem to keep on pressing the “Replay” button for Jessica Gomes’ video.

    Man, that women is a goddess.

  18. She really does have a nice set of boobies. And legs too. And eyes. And…oh never mind, she’s just beautiful.

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