Jennylyn Mercado


22 year old Jennylyn Mercado was the first winner of the “Starstruck” in the Philippines and is not a popular actress and singer.Stats:

Age: 22
Height: 5’4
Ethnicity: Filipino
Located: Las Piñas City










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  1. She has a great look and a really pretty face.

    My only criticism is, based on some of the pics on the fan site, she might be a little bottom heavy.

    It would be good to find some more revealing shots.

  2. Quite a pretty face.

    There are many fine Philippine fannies. And one man’s bottom heavy is another’s booty heaven.

  3. Yep couldn’t agree more Hakka Guy.

    She has a stunning smile and looks to me that she also has a great figure, what we can see of it 🙂

  4. Certainly has that Filipina pop diva look in every picture. I don’t think she’ll go all Christina Aguilera on us anytime soon with the risque outfits. We may have to wait a few years before people start saying she needs to branch out to a wider audience. (shrug)

  5. She has a baby boy named Alex Jazz “AJ” Mercado. Ex-Boyfriend and the baby’s father Patrick Garcia wants none of the diaper changing duties. WUSS!

  6. Actually, I believe Filipinas tend to be a little middle heavy. Meaning, not fat but proportionally thicker in the middle. Not saying it’s a turnoff, just an observation. Anyway, I also think Jennlyn –the same name as one of my nieces 🙁 is pretty and would definitely like to see more revealing pics of her.

  7. Is it possible to be pretty and bland at the same time? Part of my brain is shouting, “wow, she’s really pretty!” while another part is indifferent, “mehh…”.

    The only picture that really jumps out at me and that I continue to fawn over is the 3rd pic. I’m loving the primal look and I love the chaotic-yet-sexy hair…

  8. BTW, by “bottom heavy”, I wasn’t referring to a round, or big, butt. It looks like she might be slightly thick in the hips and upper legs.

    I’m not saying it’s a terrible thing, or that she’s fat. Just that she may be a little bigger on the lower side, than many Asian women.

  9. Some of you guys here are pretty choosy when it comes to girls 🙂

    An older friend once gave me this piece of advice, when you get older, all 18 years old are beautiful…..and I am beginning to see the truth in his word of wisdom

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