Jenny @

Jenny @

I have written about Vancouver based photographer Roley Chiu before, so I will not tell you again how much I love his work 😉

Today Roley launched his new and improved website (beta). There are a number of beautiful Asian girls featured there, and above you can see Jenny Jung. Too bad there is not a lot of information about her (like her ethnicity, which is Korean).

Rollsonline is about girls. But not just any girls. These girls aren’t professional runway models nor do they aspire to be. These are the girls that we see at work, in ECON 100, or at Plush on friday. These are the girls next door, and yes, they’re the reason why we turn our heads while driving.

You can also submit your own images (once registered). Here a selection of Most Recent Submissions.

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  1. drooooooool
    I totally get this site…..some of the girls I see on the streets look way better than most movie stars…

  2. Sweet. Once upon a time I wanted to start a magazine (or site) called Real Asian Girls…

    Good on ya, Roley!

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