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Should any of you watch reality shows – and I should hope that you do not – you may have heard of a show called America’s Next Top Model. If so, you may also know that there are very few Asian models represented, presumably because the show supporters realize that if they featured more Asian models, they’d have a much harder time explaining why these clearly more attractive models are not winning. Jennifer An was a contestant in the past. Here are some of her photos, as well as a link to her topless photo, in case you’re into that sort of thing.Stats:

Age: 24
Height: 5’5
Ethnicity: ?
Located: PA




Topless Photo (Source)



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  1. She’s beautiful…especially her legs. She does have sort of a strong asian look about her face. Still she’s nice.

  2. While I think she is quite attractive, I’m not that crazy about some of the photos in this post.

    I don’t watch any reality TV–none! But even I know the models aren’t judged solely on their looks. A model has to have a particular set of skills and attitude, plus usually should have a look that is adaptable. So, I don’t buy the stated rationale for the dearth of Asian models on reality shows. (Of course, that was probably just sad in jest anyway. Wasn’t it?)

  3. Beautiful girl..

    I have long believed America’s Next Top Model was racially biased AGAINST Asian women.

    They once had a Hapa woman on there whom Tyra Banks urged to pretend to be full Asian…

  4. I have a feeling this girls a stunner, but none of the photos really do much for her. And what’s with that topless pic, that was kindof scary?

  5. Yes, the nude pic is a bit disconcerting, as is the one other nude pic of Jennifer at the Source link posted by Travis. But put the blame on the photog. Typically overdone with ridiculous makeup and poses.

    Still, you can tell she has a great figure and terrific nipples.

  6. I’m with @slackerking. The photographers made her look like any decent looking (6 on a scale of 10) Asian girl in LA. Topless shot should have been deleted – not even good enough for a blooper reel. I don’t watch ‘reality’ TV – but I’m surprised a 5’5″ girl could be considered for runway modeling – I thought they were all 5’8″ – and mostly significantly taller. I remember the fashion show I saw in Shanghai – all the girls were 6′ – with amazing faces.

  7. good link sucez … thx.

    She’s got long lean look I like … her face doesn’t do much for me.

    Brenda from Survivor … she was a beauty and good mix of Asia and Latin America.

  8. Nice one Sucez, there are some really good photos in that link. In some shots her body looks long compared to her legs, but she has some stunning pictures too. She should wear heels all the time.

  9. The Scenario: Photographer says to Jennifer: “Ok now you see this Rolling Stones logo, yes? Now I want you to get this really weird hairstyle, drop your top, and copy the Jagger lips”.
    Seriously, I love most of her looks. Especially the first pic. And then sucez’s link just opened my eyes to how stunning she can look. Yes arf, the legs!
    Why she lost out to the (IMO) rather ‘plain Jane’ in the model quest just beggars belief.

  10. I’m no fan of a reality show
    They do, for the most part, really blow.

    American Idol? Supposedly sing
    Dear Bachelorette, please give me that ring.

    Real Housewives of Anywhere –
    Frankly, my dear, I really don’t care.

    Here Jennifer An – she wants that fame
    Sorry to say, I think it’s a shame.

    The photogs – they can either make or break
    Done both in this case, for heaven’s sake.

  11. I’ve been thinking some more about that one photo that some AS members are not liking. Interestingly, it’s about the only record we have of her fully bared breasts.
    For that reason, perhaps, we might feel somewhat ‘let down’ – that her lack of a ‘conventional’ facial expression has offended our expectations. We want our nude models fitting the ‘usual'(a nice smile, a ‘proper’ hairstyle e.g); instead it’s the ‘other’ we get. And that makes us a bit uncomfortable, to the point perhaps of being unable to understand or even explain why we dislike the image so much.
    Rethinking this pic, then, I see the raw (the roar?) edginess; it’s certainly making a statement there and it has had the desired effect – it’s getting a reaction. It certainly doesn’t make her look ‘pretty’, but it does bring out a certain undeniable quality of this woman’s raw sexuality. As Doc says, “seriously overdone”. Yes it is, and in this case, I feel it makes for an extremely powerful image.

  12. no, no! the first topless shot was the best!
    in your face, loud, catch me if u can attitude, she must be so much fun in and out (of the sack…)

  13. I think it depends on the model. Kate Moss and even Devon Aoki come to mind, short models that nonetheless did runway and other print.

  14. It’s almost as if she has to disguise herself for the topless shots. Not a big fan of the poses there, but her mouth opens REALLY wide heh heh!

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