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I saw a photo of Jeanette while browsing the photos that Playboy posted onto Twitter. I got one look at her and was amazed by how smoking hot she was. Once I started searching and found that she was half Thai, I had to write this article about her.I saw a photo of Jeanette while browsing the photos that Playboy posted onto Twitter. I got one look at her and thought that she was smoking hot. Once I started searching and found that she was half Thai, I had to write this article about her.

I started with checking out the galleries of the photo sets that she did for Playboy so that I could get a better look at her. The main things that I love about her are her eyes, her smile, and her implants. What I don’t like are the tattoos. The tattoos are not a deal-breaker for me, but it would have been nice if she did not have any.

I also saw this post on about how Jeanette stopped using the pseudonym of Jennie Reid and is using her real name instead. I’m guessing that was done because she no longer takes nude photos. The post also mentioned a tweet that she made stating to not support because it wasn’t her. Maybe the site is not hers, but I don’t see how it is anyone else but her in the photos. If you take a closer look at the tattoo of the elephant that she has, you can see that it was done to cover up the Playboy logo that was tattooed previously. There’s a link at the bottom of the page where you can check those galleries out, so you be the judge.

AKA: Jennie Reid
Age: 25
Birthday: October 14, 1985
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 124 lbs
Measurements: 34D-24-34
Ethnicity: Thai/German
Location: Los Angeles, CA






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0 thoughts on “Jeanette Krejcik”

  1. She is very pretty.
    I like her pre-implant pictures better. What can I say, I prefer natural.
    The implants are a deal breaker for me, not the tattoos.

  2. Wow, you guys are knocking out of the park lately. She’s really a stunner, mixed girls are the best. She was cute before, but she’s a knockout post Playboy.

  3. Looks like the last photo is from Playboy too – I’m taking them both down for now to be on the safe side. And it is indeed a shame – I really like her boob job! Yes, they’re very fake, but perfectly so.

  4. Earth to Scotty: “They’re go’n for the ‘big-boobs’ Scot..”
    Scotty: “Ohhhh nooo…did they lose focus??”
    Earth to Scotty: “Do’n know…only time will tell…”

  5. Good mixture of Teutonic bone structure with Asian facial features.The boobs will be perfect when her skin stretches out to meet them.The day is coming very soon (3-5 yrs.)…when plastic bags will be replaced by stem-cell boob jobs:

    I like boob jobs now…I’m sure I’ll like them even more when they’re natural.That aside…someone get this cutie a hobby that does’nt involve skin & ink.

  6. Looking at the CyberClub remarks – I hope that it was some dimwit copy editor ghost-writing her comments. Go to medical school to be an RN or cardiologist? Stick with the professional singer line.

  7. Very hot girl! Nice boobs and a great smile to go with them. What’s with the guy in the last pic? Why do we have a guy there?… He’s obstructing.

  8. I am definitely not a fan of implants, especially when they are so larger than what matches the frame.

    But that’s not taking away from how beautiful Jeanette is, very pretty smile and photogenic. I like anything Thai as it is.

  9. The early photos (Asian thumbs links) she has a playboy tatt, I think the elephant- fish has been done to cover it proving two wrongs don’t make a right.
    I always thought the playboy tatts were photoshopped in but perhaps they are just encouraged along with the inflated chest, Hugh Hefner should be ashamed of himself!

  10. Gosh darn..and crikey!
    Seems I had to get here earlier if I wanted to see her topless.(sigh)
    But curves in the pics that were left up!

  11. But no matter what, boob jobs are evil, right? Or at least so you’d think if you believed the comments here. Isn’t it amazing how the most popular and commercially successful models almost always have them, given that almost everybody on the net says they hate them?

  12. I love boob jobs. They are fun to play with for the whole family. And they make sweaters and bras look amazingly good.

  13. Doc, that’s cuz we don’t want to believe the humongous ones we see aren’t real!

    Seriously, there are boob jobs and there are boob jobs, and this girl went a little overboard, methinks.

    But yeah, THEY do draw attention (especially when standing at attention)..

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