Jaysee Sunapho


Jaysee Sunapho is a striking nude model with some very sexy photos taken by a photographer I’m going to research soon, to see if he has any other work worth featuring. She’s only 22 years old and lives in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. She also stands a very impressive 5’7 – taller than I would have expected.Photos:







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0 thoughts on “Jaysee Sunapho”

  1. Her torso seems rather straight. Not much difference between her hips, waist and bust. Too masculine.

  2. She looks very fit, nice boobs. She is not the prettiest girl but she gets nude, thumbs up. Nice photography too.

  3. Maybe not exceptionally pretty, but what a figure. And she looks very elegant and classy, too.

    And as has already been stated, a freaking smile might help.

  4. yes a smile would make all the differences here in taking her to the next level. while shes not smoking hot or drop dead sexy i do find her extremely gorgeous but then again to each his own. she has this sort of elegant charm or sway about her that i find quite refreshing. plus that fact that she’s doesnt have implants is a huge plus.

  5. I am appreciating the fact that in these pics she is NOT smiling. Who wants freaking cheesecake all the time?
    She just exudes a raw sexiness especially in the first pic and the waterfall scene that would be downgraded by a smile IMO.
    Wonder if she is still in Oz; the pics are from 2011.
    Oh and lol..shall I, or will you, correct Travis’s spelling of ‘Brisbane’ (pron. ‘Brisbun’, not ‘bane’ btw ;-)) kroos? doc?

  6. I dunno longtack. If the apparent population majority (Korean) in Queen St Mall the other day is anything to go by, I think the correct pronunciation is Bu Liz Uh Ben Uh.

    (Damn nice visual aesthetics change from Rockhampton, thats for sure…..:-)

    As for this particular lady, something about her body proportions or shape seems a bit out. Sexy as hell however in pics 3, 5 and 6.

  7. Nice and trim, but a little masculine perhaps. I think I may have seen her around Brisie – if so she isn’t particularly attention grabbing in person, although perhaps she would be if she showed some skin.

  8. lol kroos…you mean Bu Liz Uh Ben Uh in Ker Win Sher Lan, Ao Da Li Ah?

    @geminiman..brutal haha! πŸ˜‰

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