Jaslyn Lee


Jaslyn Lee was one of FHM Singapore’s Girl’s Next Door series. She was number 90 something. Pretty high up there. Her portfolio does not have a lot of large photos, but there is potential there.Stats:

Age: 21
Height: 5’5
Ethnicity: Singaporean
Located: Singapore







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  1. Jaslyn has got a wonderful complexion…moving to singapore in july…seriously …cannot wait…!….big big fan of the lovely women from this little island….

  2. Woozers! To talk about a raw diamond…..

    So much pure win with this one – it is not even funny! I’m lovin’ her!

  3. Agree with Spartan…what a beauty with unfound potential!

    She’s already very attractive with great legs, arms, tummy, lips, eyes, skin, etc.

    I’d like to see her with a better hair cut.

  4. That last pic; I keep looking at her and wondering how any face could be that alluring. Agree with Spartan and American Arsenal except I think she understands her potential very well.

  5. Dang! Great body, eyes and those lips…
    Hope she will not go under the scalpel to change her look.
    We have a pretty girl here.

  6. Lips & Eyes are gret, but she is somewhat ‘skinny’ and ‘sraight’ figure!’?.'(no nice curves)’

    She has to work out on that!ΒΏ…..

  7. Wow, I’m going with the trend on this one, very nic indeed, and not one single comment of her tattoo… oops πŸ™‚

  8. That last pic says it all, very alluring, beautiful face. Nice natural figure. I agree the hairstyle is tragic, though, in that it not only does not showcase her beauty, but even tends to obscure it.

  9. I know the “Great Tattoo Debate” has been done here before,and ot to stir things up again, but this shot
    kind of put me off a little….such a lovely face, and as far as tats go it’s not bad, but just like daznlover said, hope they are temporary.
    Also, here is another shot of her with other FMH Singapore Girl Next Door ladies. She is in the 18th photo down with different hair and makeup.

  10. ok… thats it. As a long time addictive lurker but rare contributor, I hereby state that i will go cold-turkey on asian-sirens for…. at least a week or so.

    I teach at a university in China, with an apparent female to male student ratio of about 20 to 1. And i’m talking FINE ladies here too.

    Usually not a problem keeping fully professional and in control….. but when you have a model like this who could be a twin of one of my students…. oh boy.

    la la la …im not thinking any improper thoughts…la la la la….. must….not….use….imagination…….. ARRRGHGGHHH!!! too late. Cold shower time!

  11. FYI “Singaporean” is not an ethnicity.

    This lady should be listed as:
    Nationality: Singaporean
    Ethnicity: Chinese


  12. Very pretty, but more skin please!!!

    kroos: If you think seeing an Asian Siren that reminds of one of your students is bad, how about seeing one that reminds you of your daughter! Hot poker to the eyes time:-(

  13. @Wingsfan19 – I am not concerned that one of these sirens will remind me by my daughter, I’m worried that one of the sirens WILL be my daughter.

    I’ve made the comment previously, this group is looking at 9s and 10s with a few 8.9s thrown in. Ms. Lee is a stunner & at the higher end of that range. I can live with the hair and tat…and her smile, combined with her high cheek bones, should be banned as a source of global warming.

  14. @kroos – 20/1 ?? What school you teach at and are there any openings? Been in Tokyo for over a decade now looking to move on and China is next on the list.

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