Japanese Model Saved by Her Breasts!

Serena Kozakura

Japanese model Serena Kozakura has used her breasts to get a conviction for willfull destruction of property overturned! For all the juicy details, see the following links:

Mainichi Daily News
The Sydney Morning Herald (Fairfax)

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0 thoughts on “Japanese Model Saved by Her Breasts!”

  1. this photo cannot be real. it had to have been doctored. it’s like the venus de milo. there is no logical position for her arm to rest, given the fact that the elbow joint is already positioned which means the forearm needs to be pointing forward.

    the exercise equipment she is sitting on has an armrest/backrest. it looks circular, but it also looks like it got cut off where her forearm should have been. the forearm would’ve extended below her right breast and over her shorts where right side of the tie is.

    here, on the right side of the tie, you can see heavy pixelation on the right string. it’s curved at some weird angle that looks clone-stamped from the left string. additionally that line that crease in her shorts right where this weird angulation of the right string occurs looks pixelated and clone stamped. based on how the other creases in that area are pointing downward to her crotch, it would seem that that crease should also have curved downward as well.

    i don’t believe this photo is real at all.

  2. also, notice the shading on her right-hand side. there is a very dark line at where the top of her shorts is, which indicates space between her shorts and her body, yet it’s also seen -where that dark line ends, toward the front of her body- that part of her body hugs the shorts, if not slightly hangs over it. the dark shading looks extremely unusual and i don’t believe that this is real. the shorts should be uniformly tight on her.

  3. lastly consider the poor definition of her sports top where it’s supposed to end on her right hand side, underneath her breast. there is no clear line indicating the hem, just some awkward shading. directly underneath, you see one rib. then, the second rib looks a little odd because it causes her back to curve in. additionally the shading on this second rib is an exact duplicate of the shading on the rib before it.

  4. OH WAIT she’s twisted her arm oddly and reached back to cover the armrest thing. but her stomach still looks weird. OK i understand the arms now. geez what a weird photo/body/position.

  5. I can email you the full size pic if you want to look more closely Christine – I believe it is a legitimate pic (although like all these sorts of images these days I’m sure it’s had plenty of touch-ups). 😉

  6. Chalk up another victory for big boobs!

    I mean, what DON’T they do?!?

    If its a big tit, you must acquit!

    Johnny Cochran has set a legal precedent that has lived on for some time now, even in Japan.

    Or maybe she was able to squeeze herself through the hole after all, with that trick arm of hers and all. I don’t trust her (like OJ) for some reason. lol.

  7. Yeah, what I posted is all I could track down too. Judging from her other photos though, I’d say the one above is pretty flattering.

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