Japanese Commercial

It’s been a while since we had a commercial, so here’s a funny one with a lot of Japanese “babes”.

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  1. I gotta confess, I first watched this with the sound off and was totally confused by the action 😉 But agreed, fine looking women!

  2. Man I hate living in China sometimes…

    YouTube and many other video-viewing websites have been blocked because they aired some video from Tibet.

    I have been missing so many news posts and babe posts…

  3. When the waitress comes over and asks “Coffee?” in the subs, she actually says “Have you decided on your order?” Really random and unimportant observation, but I guess it bothered me enough to post.

    Funny commercial though. Ajinomoto is a cool stadium too, I went there last year. Japanese people get waaay more into their sporting events than you would expect.

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