Jane Zhang


Jane Zhang (aka Zhang Liangying) is a Chinese singer. She finished 3rd place in a singing contest known as Super Girl and has since become quite popular.Stats:

Age: 26
Height: 5’4
Ethnicity: Chinese
Located: China




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Photos 3
Mainland Hotties Article

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  1. Simply beautiful. Based on these pictures, I don’t even have a nit to pick…except maybe for the issue Strout raises.


  2. The more I look up about this girl, the more I like what i see. Solid evidence of why Sichuan women have the reputation as being the best looking in China.

    There’s an absolute ton of links and materials to post on this girl. For now here’s a couple:


    My Space (Chinese version?)

    Official website:

    Concert photos:

  3. Zhang Liangying (aka Jane Zhang) – the aka was attached to the wrong name – has arguably the BEST smile on an Asian Siren I have seen for a long time. A winner!
    I’m having a great time thinking about what’s under those clothes. She has a great figure (mmm@ the legs) and that’s always a great starting point.
    What is she doing in the last pic? Trying to get up I think (blank stare) 😉

  4. Adorable. Reminds me of that Gemma Chan awhile back – beauty plus talent.

    Can she sing the favorites of Peking Opera? Girl gets guy, loses guy, gets guy back, guy dies. Girl then sings like she’s sitting on a hot poker. Maybe that’s the last pic – avoiding the hot poker.

  5. Sorry this is off topic, but I hope everyone will think it’s worth it. There is a Firefox add-on called Puzzle that lets you turn ANY image into a puzzle. I just finished one of Jane, and will now attempt one of Sung Hi. — Just what I needed, another Web time waster:-)

  6. That’s an all-American china girl….that totally needs to get naked!!! 😀 😀

  7. Kinda glad you all liked her. She’s actually a dead ringer for the “one that got away” for me, so I was a little concerned about what the reaction would be.

  8. Yes Travis we all like her (and by default, your good taste). So you can rest easy now. But damn, you let her escape?
    Oh by the way, in the last pic, she is actually demonstrating the correct position to use Chinese squat toilets. Bit worried about her hands on the toilet floor though.

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