Jahziel Manabat


Jahziel Manabat isn’t necessarily my flavor, but I have a feeling this Filipina model will be popular with many of our readers. She sometimes goes by Jaz, and she’s currently on Pinoy Big Brother or some show like that.Stats

Age: 24
Height: ?
Ethnicity: Filipina
Located: Quezon City, PH









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0 thoughts on “Jahziel Manabat”

  1. Have you noticed with the filipino photo shoots in fhm , maxim and the like, they are only allowed to show one nipple at a time. Check out the photos and see that she only shows one nipple per pic, 2 nipples and you get banned I guess.

  2. Nice Skin! Her chest really gets my attention. I prefer natural but, her adornments are eye-catching 🙂

  3. Wow! Nothing wrong with her look. From the name and the look I was thinking Malaysian or Indonesian. Just shouldn’t go on stupid reality shows.

  4. Like many Filpinas, she’s a little softer around the middle than I’d like, but that’s about the only criticism I can make here – quite pretty and sexy, with a great body overall and a fantastic boob job.

  5. Nice find Travis. She looks spectacular. Agree with Lee, the boob job is fantastic.

    I decided recently, Philippines has to be my next destination to visit once I get some holiday time later this year. Can’t wait.

  6. gulp…Wow!
    Can’t wait for arf to see her.
    Reckon his jaw will drop.
    ..although the Down & Dirty pic looks strange, unnatural somehow.

  7. ZOIKS!…I mean Holy WoW! She is gorgeous. longtack, you reckoned right. 🙂 Not sure how I haven’t seen her yet.

  8. I was thinking of a ditty with not Travis’ flavor, but someone I would savor, but it’s been a busy weekend. OK, a little thick for Doc, but I like the curves. Very pretty to look at.

  9. Dipper’s thinking of a ditty
    what a shame and what a pity
    he’s got a word to rhyme with flavor,
    now how about a bit of titty?

    Love seeing that first pic. Would love to see more, but now IE can’t find my most reliable proxy 🙁

  10. This is why I subscribe to FHM Philipines, there are seriously so many hot women it’s unfathomable.

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