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Japanese pornographic actress Izumi Mana is one of a small group of AV stars who sport a look of tanned skin, dyed hair and heavy make up.
Apparently there’s a small sub culture based around this style called ‘Gyara Gal’ though I’m not really sure, as I don’t speak Japanese.

She features prominently alongside other models such as Rumika and Moka on AV labels like Kirakira and Garcon which specialise in
girls with the Gyaru Gal style. Though in my humble opinion Izumi is totally awesome and a cut above the rest of the girls in the scene.I Suspect that some readers may feel Japanese girls shouldn’t be trying to imitate the blonde bimbo look of some western models.
I disagree though. While Gyaru style is based loosely on a western model look, like so many things in Asia, they have adopted something Western
but in doing so changed it and make it different and their own.
Don’t believe me, take a look at this girl’s outragous nails!













Age: 21
Height: 5’1 155cm
Ethnicity: Japanese
Located: Tokoyo

AV Clips (sroll down to middle of page to get to the links)
Longer Video Clip 1
Longer Video Clip 2

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  1. Great body. Something about the way her make-up is used with her facial features I don’t care for. She definitely has the look of a wild one though.

  2. I really, really hate how many Asian girls (especially Japanese) are “bimbo-ising” themselves these days. A real shame, as Izumi has a great body, and I suspect a fairly pretty face too underneath all that tacky stuff.

  3. I agree with the nice (smoking) bod, but the (fat) tongue out shots -to show off the tongue stud? -especially the one with the lollipop, the wrist tats, overdone eyes, put her (un?)avoidably in bimbo territory imo.

  4. I think she’s pretty attractive, and I know its part of her look, but she would really benefit by toning down the anime eyes and the bleached blonde hair.

  5. Not my fav Gyara Gal out there, but she has a few nice features. I would say that around 60-80% of the girsl from this gene are nothing really special…

    However, here is a another girl from KiraKira I have had my eye on for a year now. Marina.


    She hasn’t done much lately, I saw some posts that she had quit the AV bizz and others that said she had died. I truly hope it was the first and not the second.

    Anyway, I think everybody who didn’t enjoy Izumi and wasn’t that impressed with Gyara Gals in general should check out Marina.

  6. nice bottom and i like the pics with her tongue sticking out…but something about her teeth turn me off

  7. I’ve been a fan of bleached hair and very light lipstick since Wendy James fronted Transvision Vamp but would have to agree with the Doc on the Gyaru link. This girl is quite nice to me, but the more extreme examples are bordering on clown make-up.
    I think it maybe the look Shane Warne is going after.

  8. All of the special effects mostly ruin it for me. Is any part of her natural? Still, she has a rockin’ bod and an especially great ass for a Japanese girl (assuming it’s not Photoshopped).

  9. She looks pretty natural to me. Naturally hot and sexy…and golden brown. Ok maybe that’s not so natural. I still like it though.

  10. I like her look..maybe because I’m a sucker for big eyes…but the blond has to go..

    Oh, and these nails! They need to go, as well.

    But she seems very playful..very cutesy…but not sexy.

  11. Can any of you tell me what the deal is with Japanese names?

    Do they follow the same system as Chinese names, in that the surname comes before the given name?

    I really don’t know if i’m right in calling her mana izumi or izumi mana.

    Either way, while respecting the opinions of others commenting here, I think this girl is absolutely beautiful and I don’t care what anyones says.

    Go mana izumi or izumi mana, whichever is the right way to say your name!

  12. @ Shuai Ge: Yes, With Japanese names (like Chinese and Korean names) the surname/family name comes first, so if you use a translator, you’ll get the surname first. So, her surname is “Izumi” and her given name is “Mana.”

    What’s funny is that we usually switch around Japanese and Chinese names when we write them in English but not Korean names. For example, I’d change “Izumi Mana” to “Mana Izumi” but I’d use “Kim Tae-hee” rather than switch it to “Tae-hee Kim.”

  13. Most of the models don’t use their real names. Izumi Mana would be the alike. Also, you can usually just research whether or not it is a family name. There are only so many family names, like in china, though there are much more. If you see neither name looks alike a family name, they are probably foreign/not real.

  14. @Shuai Ge: While what CEC says is correct, it is very common for AV stars etc. to write their names in English format these days, and it isn’t always clear which way around it is! I think Izumi actually is this girl’s given name, but I’m not sure. If there are any experts on this matter reading, I would like to know how to make a more definitive judgement in this matter!

  15. I can read the Kanji her name is written in. Her surname (which is written first) is Izumi and her given name (the next two characters) is Mana: 泉麻那

  16. Hmmm, I see most of the English text on her JAV stuff is written “Mana Izumi”, so if the Kanji is the other way around then I guess Mana must be her given name.

  17. Hey thanks for the info there guys,

    Makes sense that 麻那 (Mana) is her given name as it’s 2 characters.
    While her family name is just 1 character 泉 (Izumi). That follows a similar system with Chiense, where it’s rare to have a family name thats 2 or more characters long.

  18. Personally I really like this girl, with photo 3 and the third from last my favorites (although I like them all). Japanese girls never uncritically adopt the west – even the bimbo west. They always change it. She would be a something fresh and unique in S. California. Sugoii nee Mana-chan! You roku!

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