Ivy Liu


Ivy Liu is a model from Malaysia. She looks very new to modeling and has a cute face. Hopefully she sticks around for a while. View her portfolio here.Stats:

Age: 24
Height: 5’4
Located: Malaysia




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0 thoughts on “Ivy Liu”

  1. For the love of God, don’t listen to Stripes!!!! Keep your cute little handfuls as they are….

    I have no evidence yet to back this up, but I predict the perkiest of perky nipples to go with those little cuties..

    This lady is MY kind of asian lady…

  2. Ditto the dead end link.
    And I am with kroos too. But I wouldn’t be disappointed if she went to the next size up; definitely not C’s.

  3. Definitely, 100% with kroos. Please stay as they are. There are already far too many beautiful girls with ‘ample’ breasts. I myself much prefer small breasted women and think that we should encourage women to be happy with who they are rather than aspiring to a perceived ‘ideal’ which in reality is only an ideal for a given percentage of the population – not everyone.

    So Ivy, if you’re reading, stay as you are, and post some more pictures of your gorgeous self

  4. “When men take up arms to set other men free, there is something sacred and holy in the warfare……..Oh, and it’s also justified to beat up those who want to change perfect bite-sized funbags” ~Woodrow Wilson

  5. Cute, plain, normal nice. Please don’t encourage a boob job!

    As you all know, the link doesn’t work.

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