Issii is an model based in the states, she hasn’t done too much stuff yet, though she seems to have been well received. She’s sticks out from the crowd (quite literally) due to her rather amazing bottom. Something quite rare for Asian models who usually don’t have the right body type.

She draws comparisons with Annie Thao (another well endowed but more established Asian model). There’s no reason why Issii couldn’t go on to be even more popular. She certainly gets my vote for president …

Or she would if voting was allowed in China. Which it isn’t. Damn. Sorry Issii













Age: 24
Height: 5’2
Ethnicity: Thai
Located: Atlanta


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Article 2

Official Website (coming soon)


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  1. Who says late night internet surfing on a friday night was only for pathetic losers? It let me be on here first!!!

    although not terribly impressed. I never got the whole ‘big bum’ fetish.

    I like asian ladies precisely for the fact they DON’T have behinds that could snap a mans head off.

    I’ll pass on this lady… although she DOES have a damn cute front end and face….

  2. Yep, I’m with kroos on this one – if you’re into big butts, I think you’re into the wrong ethnicity πŸ™‚ I personally find huge butts and stocky legs to be a huge turn-off, and that’s putting it in the mildest possible terms I can.

    But I do know some of our readers like this type, and it does make for a change of pace. And this post is once again excellent work from Shaui Ge – keep ’em coming!

  3. Hey jeffb , What’s with the “if I were black
    I’d love that ass” comment?! WELL I AM BLACK, AND I DON’T “LOVE THAT ASS” !!!!

  4. The lady’s got exceptionally large cheek
    When she walks, I afraid she might squeak
    I like β€˜em abit smaller
    And the height somewhat taller
    Of hotness, she doth not bespeak.

  5. I have some friends who are black
    Who’d be offended at those talking smack.
    They don’t all dig large fanny
    But what’s really uncanny –
    We ALL like a very nice rack.

    [Back to my roots]

  6. Okay, racial stereotyping certainly isn’t what we want to see here, but I suspect what jeffb was getting at is that you will most commonly find this type of body on a black woman, rather than an Asian woman. But of course, this doesn’t mean all black men will be into this – indeed, I’m sure that many of the black men who visit this site will specifically not be into this body type, which as kroos said is why many men like Asian women.

  7. @wylde8: thanks for your restraint. πŸ™‚

    @badnews: your comment is probably pushing it a bit.

    @dbldipper: nice work again!

  8. I had a feeling she wouldn’t be too popular here, and it’s understandable because she’s on the extreme end but she’ll probably show up in Show Magazine or Smooth sooner or later. My biggest issue is her butt is rather too large for her legs which are very short so it’s an aesthetically odd package. Photo’s 3,4 and 6 I like, the others not so much.

    On the flip side, girls with curves are much better in bed imho, bony’s just not that sexy when your knee deep. I found that to be true all along the way, regardless of race and not that I didn’t enjoy the slender ladies also. Hope that isn’t over the line, not meant to be.

    And it was nice to see someone completely different for this site even if she wasn’t my ideal find.

  9. btw, I’m sure every guy here likes asian ladies for different reasons. I certainly don’t love them for being skinny with little boy bodies, I love them because they have beautiful skin colors, fantastic eyes, amazingly beautiful faces, many exude huge sex appeal and are great in bed, have great legs, nicely rounded but generally not over the top breasts, I know lots of them with fantastic butts that are perfectly round but not Kardashian huge. Mostly they’re smart, independent, determined, feisty…all things I find way hot in a woman. I’m sure the next guy in line likes them for completely different reasons. sorry for the double post.

  10. My primary attraction to Asian women is that I just seem to connect with them a lot better than most white women – they do seem to be of higher average intelligence and have a greater appreciation of what I have to offer most of the time. But there’s also no question that I am greatly attracted to the fact that they are usually of petite and/or slender build, which has always been my preference regardless of a girl’s race.

  11. Agree with Dr. Lee regarding the appreciation of most Asian women’s physical attributes.
    Not at all my taste. Photoshop, lighting, and an oiled up body mask the cellulite. Stocky, obese, and with cankles. Overly Americanized Asian in the worst possible sense.

  12. Well she may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but i think Issii is great. There’s more to Asian women than just jav stars and moko models.

  13. An ass like that wouldn’t even be possible outside of the US borders. Only the genetic engineered food: corn fed chickens, cows and fish found in the most unhealthy fast-food restaurants in the world can house the amount of calories necessary to MAINTAIN an ass like that.

    I only need know two things: Where is she and how can I get to her?

  14. …and she’s in Atlanta. Something tells me she’s a favorite among the African American community.

  15. I think she may have AA blood in her based on her features, and I have no appreciation for her particular looks, whichever race she may be.
    Please get back to our prettiest stereotypes!

  16. She is a pretty girl. If I saw her at an import show I would not mind getting my picture taken with her. Other than that just not my type.

  17. She just isn’t that attractive.. period!

    I love women of all shapes and sizes, it’s what makes the world go around. I’m white, my wife is African and I’ve dated plenty of Asian and European women in the past because I’m attracted to all.

    Beauty is beauty no matter the race, but this girl hmmm pass…

    As for Asian women with asses.. times are a changing, diets are changing and you can see this in not only Asian women but women from all over the world.

  18. There’s definitely a market demographic for her look. (import tuner / hip-hop) I’m not in either category. Being black myself-I bristle at the idea that I’m supposed to like / appreciate her physique.That I’m somehow a “sellout” if I don’t.I prefer a leaner more athletic build.Sue me.Would I give it a good smashing if the opportunity presented itself? Sure…but “sexy thick” is lower on my list of desires.Issii is at the age now where she needs to consider the long term effects of carrying that “look”.It won’t be pretty a coupla’ years from now girl.Get thee to a gym more frequently…and cut back on the tasty southern fried food.Oh…and absolutely fire your hair & makeup person.She is your enemy.

  19. Yes, the sad story of obesity marches on. For example, in Mexico 20 years ago it was nearly unheard of (10%). Now 71% of women and 66% of men are overweight. Second only to the US. Likely a snapshot of China in 20 years…

    This girl has rolls, flab and cellulite that is hidden by modern technology.

  20. I’m not sure that I agree with this – her stomach seems to be quite trim after all. Some girls just have extremely bottom heavy bodies – I find them very unattractive, but I don’t think they’re really overweight as such.

  21. The first picture drew me in, but the second and last pictures turned me off. And compare the last picture to the next-to-last one; her butt and her legs look much more proportionate. Either she’s packing it on in the lower end or there’s some serious Photoshopping going on.

  22. Mother warned me about women like this…
    Just a joke…. i’m black and take it from me not all black guys loves a bum ,legs, ankles like that.. reason why i prefer Asian women.

    Those poor heels..

  23. Jesus, people, variety is the spice of life and all that. I think she`s very attractive myself.

    Much better than just another waiflike girl with big fake racquetball boobs glued to her chest.

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