Island Eyes 10 year anniversary 2006 calendar

Kristine Enrile 2006 Island Eyes calendar cover model

I just got an e-mail from the Island Eyes Yahoo Group announcing that their 10 year anniversary 2006 calendar is now available for pre-ordering at the 2006 calendar page of

The cover model is Kristine Enrile (click on her name for a free nude photo gallery of her). I couldn’t find much info about her from a google search.The other Asian/Filipina models featured in the calendar are:

Diana Le, Maureen Hoang, Felicia Tang, Sammy Vann, Tia Kai, Aiko Tanaka, Sharon Sotto, Rowena Cho, Thuy Li, Stephani Sweet, and Dida

I didn’t realize it was 2006 calendar season already. Does anyone know of any other 2006 Asian calendars that have been announced?

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  1. Kristine Enrile has appeared in some Playboy Special Edition issues. I also have some of her shoots from Pacific Beauty, Sung Hi Lee, Shae Marks, Island Eyes & ImportGurlz.

    Thuy Li is one of my favorites. I have pics of her from import auto shows & 24mainstreet.

  2. Zamscan, does Kristine Enrile have breast implants as shown on the cover of the calendar in any of the pics you mention? Just wondering how recently she had them done.

    Thuy Li hasn’t done any nude photos, has she? If I remember right, she is listed as a non-nude model on 24mainstreet.

  3. Any pics of Thuy? Always interested to see a new Vietnamese model!

    BTW, for those interested in such things, the correct pronunciation of her name is Twee Lee. Might come in handy if you run into her at an import show! 🙂

  4. Lee, you can find pictures of Thuy on her MySpace page which is linked to her name in the article above (as I did with all the models in the calendar). Her website is another one of those that will reopen soon.

  5. Breast implants – I checked the pics I have of Kristine and they’re a couple of years old with no implants.

    Thui – I don’t have any nude photos of her.

    Samples pics of Kristine and Thui? – let me know where you want them posted.

  6. Lee, no problem. I just wanted to point that out for other folks as well who may have not realized that all the models in the calendars have clickable links in this entry.

  7. Zamscan, I just created a new Yahoo Group called Asian Sirens Photos that can be used to post such photos. I don’t want to get much in the way of inappropriate posts but if you join the group I will make you a moderator so you can post to the Files or Photos section (which is currently moderators only). We can also post photos in messages. I prefer HTML formatted messages with images from a free photo hosting service such as Imageshack although that only allows thumbnail sized preview images so that people who join the group can view the images in past messages. I will try to write something up in the group soon explaining the process of posting messages this way.

  8. Badboy, I know that Kim Mizuno is working on his East West 2006 Calendar.

    10 year anniversary already? Damn, time flies! I always enjoyed the work of Dida and Greg.

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