Introducing Ushi – Japanese Exotic Dancer/Model


Ushi is a popular exotic dancer and model in Japan who owns her own club in the Kyoto area. The club has an interesting rule that all women in the club must be fully nude at all times (even female customers). She recently came back from Paris where she was asked to feature at the world famous Crazy Horse (the original one). Ushi has also toured Japan as a feature dancer at clubs all over Japan.

One thing among many that distinguishes Ushi is that she lived in the US for 10 years while growing up so she has a great command of the English language. She was even told at a private show by some frenchmen that they thought she was too American until she got naked and then they didn’t care anymore.

Here is another photo (full size) from Ushi’s nude portfolio which also links to the portfolio:


I recently got an e-mail from someone who saw Ushi’s nude portfolio which he found in the photos section of my Asian Divas Yahoo Group. The direct link is Ushi’s nude portfolio. The guy who e-mailed me found Ushi very beautiful and wanted to know more about her.

Ushi loves to hear from admirers so feel free to e-mail her at

Ushi has also been featured at my Asian Divas Yahoo Group and was very popular as she chatted with group members on multiple occasions. She has posted quite a few messages in the group recently and you can find more by doing a search on the messages with her Yahoo ID sarakjapan. She also mentioned that she would be available for an exclusive interview for Asian Sirens so feel free to comment with any questions you would like to ask of Ushi.

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  1. Hmmm, the first things that jump to my mind for questions in an interview are:

    What’s the name and location of her club?
    Are visitors permitted entry, or is it members only?
    How did she get the idea for such a refreshingly interesting dress code?

  2. Hi guyss!! I don’t know how many of the models post in here, but I wanna introduce myself, and say I hope you enjoy! I also wanna thank Badboy for offering to feature me here . . . I’m honored!!

    I’ll answer Clint’s questions:

    Name & Location of my club? “KWT” (stands for “Ki wo tsukure”, or “using spirit” in Japanese). It’s in Kyoto Japan, east of Kawaramachi-douri.

    Visitors are welcome! But some weekends it’s really really crowded, so the best times to visit are weekdays, early afternoons. (More time to get lapdances from me or the other girls! Especially a looooonnnnnggggg lapdance from me!) hehe.

    Interesting dress code? I never really planned it, it kinda fell into place that way. I’m a natural exhibitionist, so when I started posing nude and dancing at strip clubs, I discovered I didn’t wanna get dressed when I was done! Other exhibitionist girls heard about the club that I started and they came to visit … also nude, of course. (Sometimes the girls visit our club so often that I hire them!) So it didn’t take long — my club is famous around Japan as “the place where women never get dressed”. Hehe.

    *kiss* to all,


  3. Welcome Ushi! Sounds like my kind of nightclub. 🙂

    It doesn’t have one of the signs outside saying “no foreigners” in Japanese(!), does it? According to Sachiko a lot of the Japanese nightclubs have this.

    Also, would you be interested in being Asian Sirens’ ‘special reporter from Japan’? I’m sure a lot of people here would be very interested and surprised to hear what goes on in the Japanese sex industry from an insider.

  4. Hey, thanks for the prompt interview Ushi-san! A few more shitsumon for you: When you say east of Kawaramachi-dori, is KWT east of the Kamo-gawa, near Gion?

    And what is the pricing structure like? In other words, cover charge, minimum drinks, dancer tips, etc. You’ve certainly got my curiousity piqued, and I may be back for a visit to Kyoto next year.

    O genki de.

  5. Hey guyss! It’s me again … back with a few more answers . . .

    Lee: Actually, KWT has a sign out front (written in Japanese & English) that says “foreigners welcome”! Gaikokujin are some of my favorite customers. Actually, our bartender is American, and one of our bouncers is Canadian . . .

    Clint: Actually, KWT is about 2KM east of Kamogawa and Gion. You know the Pig & Whistle bar on Gojo? Start there, & walk some distance east before you find it. We’re buried around a few corners between Gojo and Shijo, so email me directly when you plan to visit, & I’ll give you better directions. Warning: I tour a lot, so I might not be around Kyoto at the same time as you.

    Here’s the pricing: Cover charge == 5,000 yen. That gives you a table near the back & two free drinks, served by a naked waitress. 2,000 yen more, and you can have a table closer to the stage in the front half of the club. You have a better view of the dancers, and “touching rights” for the waitresses (you can touch us anywhere above the waist, including our breasts).

    Additional “company” at your table — one of our girls will join you naked at 1,500 yen per girl per half-hour.

    For lapdances, it’s another 6,000 yen for 15 minutes. Full touching allowed …

    I haven’t decided which is my favorite part … those lapdances … or standing on stage in front of a crowded club …

  6. Also … Lee, I’d be happy to be a special reporter! I tried to start a blog like that once, but I didn’t get much audience. If you can help me …. ????

  7. Great! I’ll organise posting rights for you and get back to you. Sachiko’s told me many interesting stories about what goes on in Japanese nightclubs, and I’m sure you’ve had plenty of interesting expriences!

    And Asian Sirens will give you a very big audience… 😉

  8. Thanks for the info Ushi-san! I’ll be sure to e-mail before I go, when the trip comes about. I think doing an occasional blog here on Sirens is a great idea. I’m quite interested in hearing your tales of the “water trade” as well. I always found it a fascinating topic…. 🙂

  9. Lee,

    I got logged in to blog website. How often do you want my entries? I don’t wanna interfere with your plans for the site . . .

  10. I think you can use your own judgement there – whenever you think you have something that may be of interest to Asian Sirens readers, put it up. A bit of self-promotion is fine, as long as you don’t overdo it! Just think about what you think the Asian Sirens audience would want, then it should be fine.

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