Introducing Sachiko McLean

Sachiko McLean

After seeing EJ’s post below, I thought perhaps I should introduce myself too, seeing as I was actually the first model to join Asian Sirens!

Anyway, for those of you who don’t know me, I’m Sachiko McLean, a half Japanese, half Chinese model, belly dancer, pianist and singer in three languages(!) from Australia. You can find out a whole lot about me at my web site, especially in my very extensive FAQ. You can also hear and see samples of my performance here and here, including many free pics and videos!

Those of you who do know me will know that I have a strict policy of not wearing any make-up (apart from lipstick) in any of the photos on my web site, and never touching up or modifying my photos in any way – what you see is what you get! However, for Asian Sirens I thought it would be interesting to post a pic of me in full makeup, just like any other model you’ll see on the net.The dress I’m wearing in this photo is exactly the same one I’m wearing on my web site here, so I thought it would make for an interesting comparison to show you how close to reality most of the model photos you see are! I’m sure many of you will prefer how I look in makeup, but personally I just don’t like the fakiness of it! 🙂

Anyway, my webmaster and personal photographer Lee is also one of the main contributors to Asian Sirens, and his server is now hosting both my site and Asian Sirens. Lets’ hope the hick-ups resulting from the massive peaks in traffic Asian Sirens has brought in have been solved now! 🙂

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  1. Hi Sachiko! Thanks for introducing yourself and it is great to have participation from some of the Asian models that fans of this site adore.

    To be honest, I like the pictures of you without makeup better. In terms of makeup, I prefer the natural look and your face looks beautiful to me without makeup especially when you are smiling! 🙂

  2. Thanks badboy!

    I agree with you, especially about the smiling thing. I’m not very fond of the “don’t smile, pout” requirements of the fashion industry – the above photo was taken by a fashion photographer, not Lee. Lee always tells me to smile and be natural, and that’s the way I like it!

  3. Hi Marco! Lee’s told me a lot about his ‘crazy friend in the Netherlands who never sleeps’! 🙂

    To be honest I was a little dispppointed that you weren’t active on the net when we launched our site, but it looks like you’re really going for it now!

  4. Hi Sachiko, funny, I’m telling stories here about my crazy friend from down under 😉

    I had to take a break but Lee and Robin convinced me to start again. We will see how it works but so far it’s fun again!

    And last but not least, with the help from you and the others it must be something I can handle besides all my other activities. Being a daddy for my kids for example 😉

  5. Hi Sachiko! Nice to hear from you in person 🙂 And hope to see more postings by you. It will balance things up a bit on this site. (The blogging part that is ;-))

  6. Since I was asked by Dr. Lee to comment on Sachiko’s mannish features in her photos, here you go. In the photo above her face looks very manly, I don’t see how that could be disputed. Check out these links as well:
    To be fair, there are many shots where she looks all women as well. But if you ignore the body and look at the face, you will see the manly features.

  7. I see some of the links didn’t come out, but these are the images on the site above:

    Thanks for another dig as well Lee…glad to see your impartial.

  8. All I said was that now everyone can draw their own conclusions – you like to dish it out but it seems you can’t take very much. 😉

  9. i have seen candid shots of sachiko and not posed shots and she has more feminine features then masculine. very MILF :):) Sachiko has i believe TWO very feminine features ; )

  10. Are we talking about the face or the body? “Slightly” mannish face, very feminie body. But really, it seems as if any model with a squarish jaw, wide face etc. can get labeled mannish around here. I don’t think any of the ladies mentioned in AS would ever be mistaken for John Wayne, Russell Crowe, etc.

  11. Yeah – if you look hard enough you can see manly features on any woman. And BaTanha was obviously looking very hard – click on his links and judge for yourself!

  12. you are right doc…i was about to say the same..a lot of beautiful women have some masculine features…but most asian women have very feminine features…i just dont see any masculine features on sachiko…i do see a lot of feminine features on doc though :))

  13. Although she is “enhanced” there is still something quite alluring about her. I joined her site a couple of years ago. One problem is no new content. All photos are “fashion” no hard core but that’s kind of nice every once in a while just to enjoy the female form.

  14. Hello, I only just discovered Ms. McClean a few days ago and I thought she was very nice looking, I like how she expresses her self.
    I didn’t realize until I read this page that she doesn’t wear makeup, I dissagree with makeup because I think it hides a womans character and some wear so much that they look like mannequins.
    I don’t see any masculine features on her though, are y’all sure you aren’t mistaking features that are just neutural?

  15. BaTanha was obviously just being spiteful with this ridiculous “mannish features” claim – you won’t be able to see any because there aren’t any. 🙂

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