Interview with Thai cuty Irene Fah

Irene Fah

Thai cuty Irene Fah (May 18, 1985), also known as Opal or Opal Lee, is a very recognizable face to many surfers. She has been featured on a number of major Asian sites (including Asian4You). When she first appeared on the internet a few years back, she became an instant hit with surfers. I just got an email from Da Ole Guy about his interview with Irene Fah.
Irene Fah

Irene Fah

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  1. Here is a question open to anyone.

    In Irene Fah’s 2nd and 3rd pics, you can see a faint line between the belly button down to the top of the pubic area.

    I have seen this on some models, but not others. What is that line???

  2. This is something I’ve often wondered about too. I’ve seen it on several Asian models (e.g. Jun Kusanagi), but I’ve never seen it in the flesh. I’ve never seen it on a western model either (although that may just be because I don’t examine them as much or as closely!).

    The most obvious explanation is some type of surgical scar, but for what type of surgery? The fact that they’re always so fine and neat would be odd for a surgical scar though. If it were from something like a ceasarian, for example, you’d expect something a bit rougher and more obvious – Asian women usually don’t scar very well.

  3. It is true that in some close up, high res shots I’ve seen it does look like it might be hair. On the other hand, I have seen this type of ‘hair line’ on western women, and in their case it is much wider and less clearly defined. Interesting!

  4. I have noticed the same trait. A few of the ones I saw in the flesh definitely were not the result of surgery. I have also noticed the same “line” on a rare few non-Asian women, but not many.

  5. As Doc pointed out, Asian skin scars badly – what is a scratch on me, would look like a black gash on my gf.

    That line is absolutely natural & unique to Asians. I dare a guess it is a reminder of time, when during early embryonic development, walls of abdomenal cavity extended & joined together, creating a gut. This a scar (sort of), indicating a juncture of tissues, similar to sutures of our craniums.

    It’s another “mysterious” Asian thing, just like that bluish spot on many Asian tails, hehe.

  6. Nik2 could be right, as I believe the epidermis does form this way during embryonic development. I’ve been going through the most close-up pics of Asian models I have, and unless their ‘hair line’ is so fine that it is below printing resolution, I don’t think it is hair.

    The next question is though: why only Asian women? It seems to be especially common amongst Japanese (although once again that may just reflect my viewing habits!).

  7. Let’s look at it this way, I find it kind of erotic. For example, some ladies, also Asian, have a small rise on their stomachs that guys love, unlike western girls with the flat stomachs and protruding hip bones. I am not saying that is bad in either case, but a thing that makes a woman erotic.

    We men need to remember a woman is an erotic mystery will never figure out. But it is interesting trying. That said, hehehe, What about the seam most guys have running up between their testicles to the base of their Penis? I had to toss that in.

    Damn we sure got off Irene here. So did anyone like her words? I should have a piece on Kathy Liu to post here soon. Irene really went out of her way to get to us on a spot in the interview. I wonder about Kathy.


  8. Kathy Liu? Yes! I’ll take anything with Kathy in it! 😉

    Although I will be intersted in what Kathy has to say (simply because I like her so much), these interviews don’t really interest me in general – they always seem to be the same old thing, and you really wonder how much of it is true anyway.

    I do find Sachiko‘s interviews interesting, because she talks about very different things. But then I would say that, wouldn’t I? 🙂

  9. The line is niether a surgical scar or a cleft from embryonic development. As one might expect, a scar vertically cut along the stomach, as is done with some c-sections, is much more devistating to the anatomical architecture.

    The dark line is called a “linea nigra” (dark line) It is hormonally induced and commonly is a sign of pregnancy.

    It usually happens only when the abdomen is somewhat distended although in some women it pronounced through normal development.

    There is nothing anyone can do to get rid of it although staying of the sun can reduce its chance of darkening. Fair skinned women do not have this as often as women with darker pigmentation.

    There are other women, more often fair skinned asians, such as Erika Sato, that have a line of downy hair along thier stomach that causes a visible line. This hair is very fine and not in anyway the same texture of pubic hair.

    Viva la differance!


  10. Thanks redlaw! I’ve noticed that it seems to be more common on slender girls (Jun Kusanagi’s is quite pronounced), which seems to be a little at odds with your explanation. It would also mean that all these girls were previously pregnant, which I find a little hard to believe (but possible I guess). Also, why on some girls (especially Asians) but not others? Is it because of their skin pigmentation?

  11. I’ve just done some quick research in this, and apparently it normally disappears a few months after pregnancy. However, I have another explanation that may be what’s actually going on.

    Apparently most women have a fine white line across their abdomen called the linea alba. This is normally pretty much invisble, but darkens during pregnancy to form the linea nigra. Perhaps in Asians – due to their different skin pegmentation – it is simply naturally darker, so it is more visible?

  12. Yep I agree, its visability is all about skin density ( thinner at the line) and pigmentation. Hyperpigmentation of the line appears to occurs at distension of the stomach but perhaps it can occur with tanning or just normal growth. Again, it is associated with pregnancy but is not dependant on it.

    Personally, my ex-wife who is not Asian developed a line during her pregnancy that did not persist afterwards and I have had Asian GFs who have had it to some degree having never been pregnant. So I guess its one of those things that will never be entirely predictable or indicative of pregnancy, but the mystery is explained.

    Not like I needed a GPS to know what to do but the line is a nice accentuation. 🙂

  13. Ok Doc….what’s the verdict? Fake or natural? I really like this girl and have seen many of her shoots……sometimes I am convinced they are real and other times I’m not so sure.

  14. To be brutally honest, in this case I’m not sure. They certainly look natural, however when she leans back or leans down her breasts don’t change form as much as natural breasts should – they should flatten out more when she leans back, and dangle more when she leans down. So on balance I’d guess fake, but I’m definitely not sure in this case.

  15. Hehehe, They are real. Let’s call it first hand observances. Also the interview is legit. I don’t can them ever.


    Marco, get in touch with me. Thanx

  16. Yeah, they definitely could be unusually firm natural breasts, but I’m still not sure. Do you have any video evidence I can go on? 😉

  17. Managed to find some more pics of Irene in an old thread, and I am now quite sure (as I was then) that she’s fake. So there’s your answer President Gas! I have to admit though, I’m still not certain.

    UPDATE: see here – turns out she’s almost certainly natural after all!

  18. Ooo, how’d I miss this thread. Nice gallery Turk. Here’s some more Irene Fah pictures. I heard rumour of hardcore content with her in it. Anybody know of it?

  19. My girlfriend is half Korean, and she has this line. Depending on the lighting situations, sometimes I can see it, sometimes I can’t. It’s not hair. It’s just some kindofa a line that’s just almost perfectly, symetrically in the middle. It starts a little below her belly button and goes pretty much to the pubic area. I’ve had a couple of Japanese girlfriends, Chinese and Filipina, a lot of black girls, Mexican and Indian but none of them had it.

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