Ingrid @

Ingrid @ (Photo: Adam Yurman)

PacificBeauty writes: Ingrid is half Swedish and half Vietnamese with green eyes, perfectly shaped breasts and long extra lean legs that go on forever. Did we mention her adorable rear end that would make any fitness model jealous? We can’t get enough of this gal and will surely be bringing her back again!

Well, we hope to see more of this beauty soon! Thanks Adam, for this exclusive photo in our own Asian-Sirens T-shirt 🙂

Check out more photo’s of Ingrid at
(Photography: Adam Yurman)

Ingrid @ (Photo: Adam Yurman)

Photographers: order your Asian-Sirens shirts here and send in your photo’s! 😉

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  1. Wow, she is really special – check out that hair! And the combination of Swedish and Vietnamese makes for a really striking face as well – what remarkable eyes!

    Sorry Adam – seeing as I like her so much she probably won’t sell well. 😉

  2. round, large puffed brown aerolas and perky nipples. mmmm. now that’s a beauty! 🙂

    that Asian-Sirens t-shirt, that’s for real, right? i thought so, it’s too real to have been Photoshopped. 🙂

  3. Damn she is gorgeous. Where did you find her at? She has everything that I look for in an Asian model. And the long dark hair drives me wild. When will there be more sets available of her?

  4. Thanks Robin…..amazing beauty!!

    For a “mixed” girl, it looks like she has retained slightly more of the Asian genes.

    Do you have a height spec on her?

  5. Hi Marco and all,
    I am so glad Ingrid is being well received. She will not beleieve it as she is one of those gals who does not think she is beautiful. Let’s not tell her! Just kidding. I shot her again last week knowing she was too good to be true and I better shoot all I can now before she finds out how good she is.
    She is slated to be on some notable magazine covers soon so I will updade ASAP. More Asian Sirens fashion Teeshirt shootings coming as well.

  6. I don’t know how you found her but I am glad you did Adam because she is unbelievable. I hope you shoot as many sets of her as you can before she becomes extremely popular.

  7. Hello Candyman and all.
    I am not worried about her becoming extremely popular. We want that very much and do everything we can to make that happen ourselves. It’s when some guy marries them and puts a bun in the oven that makes it hard to shoot. When they get famous, those marriage proposals come streaming in. And Doc, don’t worry, your liking her will not jinx her, let’s just say she has cross over appeal. There is a ton of stuff I shot scheduled for release on Ingrid. I will make sure it shows up here first everytime.

  8. Adam: she’s very beautiful. perhaps, some closeups of her eyes (amazing eyes), below-the waist shots focusing her breasts, and buttock shots similar to that of Japanese leg fetish material using very wide angle lens. <— my requests! 🙂

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