In Honor of Felicia Tang


“Admired for her talent, beauty and professionalism by all who worked with her, she will be deeply missed. She tried to make everyone around her smile.”

– Adam Yurman

Immediately after her passing, the founder of PacificUSA asked if he could make a guest post in honor of Felicia Tang. Adam was Felicia’s first photographer for her very first photoshoot and helped her get onto the covers of both Playboy and Penthouse. News of her death hit Adam hard, and he asked if he could dedicate a post to her beauty and spirit. Below is the transcript from an interview between the two, as well as several of Adam’s favorite photos.[u]Pacific USA_/ Penthouse Asia: Interview with Felicia[/u]

Pac_USA: You seemed like such a natural in front of the camera. This sounds like such a typical compliment but we are really curious how you became so experienced and confident posing for photos? Were you always like this?

FT: I’ve been modeling for about two years now and I learn through each experience how to move my body for that perfect shot. The confidence comes from inside, I think that’s because I’m not a shy person, and I just love being in front of the camera.

Pac_USA: you have a very pleasant and easy going personality that everyone at the photo shoot commented on. What do you attribute this to? Parents? Friendships? Recreational chemicals?

FT: Well, I’m a typical Libra, so that’s where my easy going personality came from. As Libras, are known to be very carefree & cavalier , we just want balance and harmony in our lives. As for me I would like to have as little a stress as possible that way you will look younger & live longer.

Pac_USA: The outfits you brought were so sexy. You must shop a lot. Where so you get to wear all these amazing outfits and what reactions do you get?

FT: I always like to be different & I like to express it through my dressing, When I shop I like to find outfits that are very original & sexy. I never want to look common so I tend to wear outfits that would stand out in the crowd. With the really sexy outfits, I design them myself and have them tailored, I usually wear them to clubs and I know that they make quite a lasting impression.

Pac_USA: Do you wear sexy underwear even when you are out doing normal things like grocery shopping? What is your favorite material and color, (that very few people will ever see:) ?

FT: Sexy underwear is a must, knowing that I’m wearing a little sexy thong under my casual attire makes me feel sexy, confident and naughty. As for my favorite material I would have to say white lace.

Pac_USA: About that shocking green Volkswagen Beetle. Where did that come from and how does it drive?

FT: You know you love my bug, its just the cutest car in the world. I chose the lime Green one not only because green is my favorite, I also wanted it because its not a common car color on the road.

Pac_USA: Yes, let us be the first to say, ” we want your bug!”. OK, so here goes the cliché’. What are your favorite musical artists and why?

FT: Well, I listen to a variety of music I don’t exactly have a favorite, but I can tell you that I love Jazz , 80’s and Euro-Trance.

Pac_USA: What kind of music can your date play to get you in the mood for romance? Megadeath, Michael Bolton, Enigma, Bare Naked Ladies?

FT: Oooh! For the mood music, it has to be soft jazz, maybe some Erick Bennet because I feel that nothing is more sensual than jazz.

Pac_USA: Wrong! There is nothing more sensual then trying to imagine what your “Oooh!” sounds like in Cyber space like with no audio clip! Tell us a little about your Pacific beauty photo shoot. Was there anything that surprised you doing your first nude photo shoot? Good stuff or bad stuff just as interesting.

FT: Well, my Pacific Beauty Photo Shoot went extremely well! I had a wonderful time throughout the day. I was a little nervous at first when taking my cloths of in front of everyone, but I knew that Adam is a great photographer and I eventually relaxed as I thought how great the pictures were going to look.

Pac_USA: Thank! Your check is in the mail. But … would you do it again? What, if anything, would you do differently?

FT: I definitely would do it again and next time I would love to do the shoot at the beach and have more creative poses.

Pac_USA: What are your most serious concerns about the rest of the world. You can choose from politics, environment, World health, economy or bad French techno music.

FT: My most serious concerns about the rest of the world would be the economy because we live in a society where money makes the world go round.

Pac_USA: If you were looking for the right guy, what must he be or have? Wealth, killer body, funny and upbeat? Olympic Gold medalist? Pick one. Just kidding, you deserve it all.

FT: Well, my Mr. Right would be a confident, strong man with a tender heart who knows how to pamper me and surprise me with romantic intentions.

Pac_USA: What if anything does being an Asian America model mean to you. Do you see yourself as any different from Blonde models?

FT: Being an Asian American model means to me opening more doors for the other Asian models that want to get into the modeling industry. No, I don’t see myself any different from a blonde model. We are all the same just with different looks.

Pac_USA: Do people treat you different in a way you can notice?

FT: No, I don’t feel any difference in the way people treat me.

Pac_USA: What goals have you set to work on over the next 5 years? You can count traveling to deserted beaches and sucking down cold Coronas with a lime as a goal. We do.

FT: My goals for the next 5 years, is to finish school with a Marketing/Public-Relations degree as I plan to start my carrier in the Advertising/Public Relations field. Then maybe someday settle down and get married but for now I’m just focusing on my academic future and enjoying life to its fullest.

Pac_USA: Tell us how much you loved working with us and what nice people we are and we’ll let you finish the interview sooner. Or you can just give your true impressions and we’ll let you go now anyway.

FT: The crew of Pacific USA were the most professional and comfortable group to work with. They made me feel very comfortable and beautiful. Many hugs & kisses to them all and especially Adam.

RIP Felicia Tang











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  1. I was just going through a bunch of my Felicia pictures yesterday, making a screen saver for my computer. Still can’t believe she is gone. πŸ™ Thanks for the this post.

  2. She really was quite something. What a waste. Thanks for the post and for keeping her memory out there.

  3. ‘FT: Well, my Mr. Right would be a confident, strong man with a tender heart who knows how to pamper me and surprise me with romantic intentions.’

    It’s surprising how many times we choose partners not fitting our ideals.
    So many of us.

    From these small insights into her persona, she sure deserved better. Hell, everyone deserves better than what she got in the end.

  4. during my deployment overseas, what limited internet activity I could find was spent on her website downloading her photo sets and webcam shows. She got me through a lot of lonely days/nights in the desert. I was shocked at her passing and still cant believe she’s gone. She will definitely be missed for a long long time!

  5. Great post. It’s really hard to know what to say when faced with something like this. Has their been any further news on what actually happened?

  6. Great post. She was breathtaking inside and out.

    Adam, I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say I hope you’re doing OK.

  7. I am very glad to read that Felicia’s tribute post was received well. Thank you Travis for the encouragment and nicely worded post. The idea I hoped for was to help everyone remember her as the glamorous, vivacious and totally professional model that she was. I hated the cheap headlines in some of the newspapers referring to her as Singaore’s pornstar. How I wish she was here to make some jokes about those reports. She would probably cackle a little with her trademark raspy laugh and say something like, in Singapore, washing the car in short, shorts is actually Porn for them.

  8. Her boyfriend killed her?

    wow, I could see how that might happen. If you date women who look ten times better than you do and you happen to have the potential to swing into violent rages – its not a good combination.

  9. Desperately sad, and the pics are an appropriate tribute, but the unfortunately interview was suffocatingly bland.

  10. Hey Doc,
    Combover probably does not realize he made a thoughtless remark referring to how Felicia died.
    But what is more interesting to me is how a real interview, that was not gussied up for a trash magazine, would be considered bland. Maybe Combover enjoys spicier fare found in the Enquirer and other tabloids. Fact is, Felicia was a simple, down home gal with a heart of gold. I guess some might call that bland but most would call it heaven.

  11. Thanks for posting this. What a great loss. When I look at her I’m still thinking to myself, ‘She’s not the kind that is supposed to go out that way’.

  12. Alright johnnie: I normally allow and encourage people to openly express their opinions on different models’ looks, but in the context of this post, I think your comments are very tasteless. And even in a normal context, saying somebody looks “horrible” is over the line anyway. Besides, we all heard you the first time. Please learn to comment with a little more sensitivity, or you won’t be able to at all.

  13. Give us a break Johnie. Are you a thread troll or what ever they call those people who make irritating comments to get attention?
    For those who might prefer a clear view of Felicia’s stunning chest umimpeded by her hands pressing on them, try the wallpaper link below the last photo. This is risky but I think even the Doc would say she had a great shape to her. That shot was a centerfold in the Thai Penthouse and one of my favorites. Her skin was very even toned and no, it was not photoshopped into oblivion to look that way. BTW, she was the only model who ever did her own makeup for my magazine level photoshoots. That used to amaze me.

  14. Looking at johnnie’s posting history, he’s obviously one of those sad, lonely people who has nothing better to do than post negative comments wherever he can in a desperate attempt to try and get some attention.

  15. She impressed me for her looks and Adam, from what you say, she impressed you also with her heart and personality.

    I also think she’s down to earth on her interview. In short, she seemed far away from those arrogant models out there. I think we will have that good memory of her.

  16. Adam: Don’t let dopey comments get to you. Felicia Tang was a *very* pretty girl, and the interview was not bland. It was honest without being gushing or silly. ‘Think Tila Tequila could manage that?
    Our sincere condolences on your loss, and bravo to Travis for the tribute to a true asian siren.

  17. RIP. Great post guys.

    Like the comments too. Well except for johnnie of course.

    It is one thing to behave like a dumbass johnnie; quite another to prove this title by doing it with insensitivity.

  18. Actually my choice of that word was unintentional, and my issue was not with Felicia’s answers – she could only answer the questions she was asked. I just feel that more interesting – not spicy – questions would have given the reader more insight.

  19. Hi ComBover,
    Maybe your choice of words was unintentional but an apology to all the people you shocked here might be a good idea but certainly not required. I have a proposition for you since you sound like you have a an idea about what modern, model interviews should go like. You give me a list of 5 or 10 questions that you think are worth asking a hot model and if they are reasonabe questions and not disrespectful of the model, I will ask them on the next centerfold profile I produce for a major magazine and give you credit here. I am open to good creative input. You can email me at

  20. The Doc’s right. I assure you all, If Felicia had read that, she would most certainly say something like, What ever makes you happy! And there would be a lovely chuckle at the end of her sentence with her trademark raspy laugh.

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