Hwang Mi-hee

Hwang Mi-hee (26) is currently one of the most popular and most photographed racing/car show models in Korea. According to her brief bio, the 174cm tall beauty began her modeling career just last year at the Daejeon International Dream Car Festival. Besides races and car shows, she also does fashion and glamour modeling.By the way, while browsing the zillions of photos of Mi-hee there are on the net, if anyone runs across any other Korean car show model you feel is really worthy of a feature here (and I’m sure you will because there are many), just e-mail one of us about it.

Hwang Mi-hee

Hwang Mi-hee

Hwang Mi-hee

Her Cyworld Blog
Daum.net Photo Search Results
Many more photos of her here. Happy scrolling.

(Thanks to brayker19 for the tip.)

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  1. 4 out of 10. You’ve got to be kidding. She beats that with her body alone. If you follow the ‘here’ link there are many magnificent pictures better than the couple above. I like the school uniform ones. Although she should be wearing a G-string in the video with that outfit.

  2. My goodness…that was like a brain overload just looking at all the pictures in the ‘here’ link. 4 out of 10 is certainly false. πŸ™‚

  3. The pics on here aren’t that great, but the one’s on the links she looks better. She looks like Michelle Wie.

  4. “Mine eyes have seen the glory of the little white shorts . . . ”

    (It’s an American reference, never mind)

    A question for BaTanha:

    Could you direct us to an Asian lady you would rank significantly higher? If you consider this smoldering bit of sensuality a “4”, I’d love to see someone you consider an “8” or a “9”!

  5. She’s Rock..
    Where’s you guys got the spirit.. so many pics in a day.. I have my happy time downloading them..

  6. To Matso: Sung Hi Lee is a 10 for me as far as Koreans go. For me it’s all about the face, most bodies are great anyway. Big boobs are nice, but I prefer petite one’s, and an athletic body type with soft curves in the right places. I lived in Korea for 13 months and have been back to visit on 5 occasions. I’ve seen some amazing women there and some ordinary women there. Hwang Mi Hee looks ordinary to me. To each their own though.

  7. She’s got a lot going for her, IMHO. A long slender torso, a nice chest, she’s cute… mmmm. I agree that the pics here aren’t the best of her but the ones on the link are great, a little something for everyone. If she was rockin’ the blunt bangs arf and I would have a fit!

  8. BTW… I love her shoulders. A woman’s shoulders are a big selling point for me. Swimmers have such amazing shoulders! Mi’s are nice and square but still look soft enough to bite… LOL.

  9. I agree with BaTanha, Sung Hi is the pinnacle for Korean woman. Natasha Yi is close. By the way, Sung Hi turned 38 on 4/1/08. She still looks great!!

  10. I agree with most of the posters here: I think BaTanha’s “post Soju” score is far more accurate!

    I’ve seen my share of Korean girls (there’s loads of ’em in Brisbane), and while there are a lot of girls who would be competitive with (or even better than) Hwang Mi-Hee, she’s definitely above average. And I don’t think Sung Hi is necessarily the pinnacle of Korean beauty either – she lacks the tall, slender elegance of many top Korean women, which I personally find very attractive (although I love Sung Hi for what she is as well). Sung Hi is closer to the pinnacle of what I would call Asian American beauty (rather than Korean beauty as such).

  11. Guess who’s on Lunarbabes.com right now? BTW… Doc, whatever happened to the random page deal? Just wondering.

  12. BaTanha –

    Thanks for taking the time to clarify.

    Reading your post felt like something I could have written, right up the point of “I lived in Korea . . . “.

    Initially, I suspected you might be a dissenter. Your clarification shows your experiences have made you a discerning connoisseur.

    Dr. Lee –
    ‘apples to oranges’ . . .

    “Sung Hi Lee . . . it’s all about the face . . .” doesn’t equate with ” . . . tall, slender elegance . . . ”

    Those are two separate criteria. It’s easy to see where you’re both coming from, though.

    I love this blog! πŸ™‚

  13. Either she’s had a nose job, or it’s the different poses, but for me, even in the worst pics she’s a 6 or 7 and in the best 8 1/2 (without any soju or OB involved).

  14. Boston, great video find. Too bad the models aren’t identified and too bad they aren’t nude. the first babe from Japan with the awesome cleavage is particularly stunning, although I had to pause it to notice her face:-)

  15. I think the Japanese race queens are cute and all. And I probably wouldn’t kick any of the out of my bed. But, gawd, the Korean ladies are beautiful!!!

  16. No matter what age she is, the most important is she is very beautiful. I like her.

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