I don’t know if Hu-tieh has the traditional model look and body, but she certainly isn’t shy, and these days that’s enough to get you far in the industry. I wouldn’t be surprised if more photographers started to work with her in the future.Stats:

Age: 22
Height: 5’5
Ethnicity: Chinese
Located: UK





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  1. It’s a veritable forest down there, she reminds me a lot of the type of girls (models) you get in life drawing classes. Nice.

  2. Ahhhh, that’s more like it! And what a cu-tie Hu-tieh is. The portraits at iStudio show her facial beauty up close.
    Shame however, that the majority of her pics at iStudio are restricted to members 🙁
    But at least we are lucky to get a view of her naked here.
    Good on her for refusing to shave, but if she wants future work, she might have to compromise.

  3. The worst thing you can do as a model is to become a commodity and look like every other model, and in that vein, I believe she should continue to rock the unshaven look.

    Plenty of fans prefer the hirsute look, and up until 2001 it was even very popular in a beret-wearing-country-in-Europe-that-hates-Americans.

    So Hu-Tieh, continue to grow that ginormous bush and your modeling success and become “the Girl with the Fur Bikini”, modeling swimsuit uppers, gloves and hats for big bucks on the runways of Paris.

    Now that’s a happy ending.

  4. If anyone here is a member of iStudio, then maybe they could post the pics of Hu-tieh that ordinary viewers (over 18) cannot see. I think you’ll find they are all nude/erotic shots.

  5. @Doc, much appreciated! xi xi ni!
    and to Wingsfan who got the ball rolling there. Now, “To the Batmobile Robin!”
    PS I got a list a km long of links to the ‘access denied’ pics at iStudio…???

  6. a true beauty and the full shape is lovely in the top pic. beautiful and full breasts and maybe a little agricultural in her looks.
    A very lovely lady

  7. I find istudio a pain in the arse too. I started the process to join but gave up. There should be an option for people who just want to view the restricted material.

  8. In some shots she’s kinda bony
    I don’t think the pix are phony
    In others she’s somewhat “thick” (to borrow from Doc)
    And I think it’s pretty slick
    That’s not a bunch of baloney.

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