Holiday Heroes – Michelle Yeoh

Holiday Heroe Michelle Yeoh

PUMA (North America) has launched a 2 piece series of the beautiful Michelle Yeoh kicking some Ninja ass in her PUMAS. Check the clips (and some links including a game) out in

Behind the scenes

Some links (official site and game!) (behind the scenes talk/video)
wallpaper 1
wallpaper 2

Holiday Heroe Michelle Yeoh

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  1. yea i bought my pair of pumas because some pretty girl at foot locker hustled me into buying it HAHA. this girl right here cute and dresses like me ;D

  2. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon “MADE” this woman, though most of the show was stolen by Zhang Ziyi. I always thought Michele was sexy if you like the more “mature” asian female look – cause her face definately does not look young to me.

    As for her being in Tommorrow Never Dies, she was OK but you could have replaced her with any number of Asian females with the same effect.

  3. To answer Stripes’ question, I suspect she does have a chin implant (and probably a nose job too), but that’s nothing unusual these days.

    For the record, as far as I can tell Zhang Ziyi is all-natural.

  4. clm…actually she is way more popular than zizi before crouching tiger. i prefer zizi more. she looks like a naughty little girl that you need to give her a spanking:) michelle is older than 30 i think, pushing 40ish. her look is a little too masculine for me and if you ever see her in film, she has a not proportionate body…short legs, long back….but dont tell her that to her face, she can kick you ass…:)…..

    i love assistant looks just like her but with bigger boobs:)

  5. Lawboy

    I know Michelle was big oversees before Crouching Tiger, but outside of the import movie watcher groups, she was almost an unknown.

    Just like LETHAL WEAPON 4 “MADE” Jet Li in America, Crouching Tiger did the same for Ziyi and Yeoh.

    Ziyi is cute in small doses but I’ve seen FAR SEXIER chicks in Shanghai.

  6. I’d hit it. Twice. (And she’d hit me back, I’m sure.)

    Either they ‘shopped her a lot (I’m sure of it) or she got some work done, or both. She looks great…though not quite herself. Could be the hair, but her face looks fuller.

    And get this: She’s 44. Older than I am, even. 🙂

  7. Michele looks great for 44 years old. She has very strong features. Do you know she’s the Miss Malaysia in 1983? She’s from a small town called Ipoh in Malaysia and has a black belt in taekwondo. She was awarded a Datukship because of her profile internationally. Datukship is one of those many titles that the Sultan gave out to someone when they had achieved something great for the country. Once they were awarded Datukship, they have the title in front of their name.

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