Hiromi Oshima

Scanlover.com has some interesting updates of Hiromi Oshima. Does anyone know in which Playboy editions she appeared so far?

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  1. she’s absolutely perfect. in my opinion, a far better body than that of most of white playmates. gorgeous face, lovely curves, shapely legs & of course those breasts.

  2. I agree. While you can find other models who may be more spectacular in one way or another, Hiromi is notable for being without any obvious flaws. A very well balanced package all-round!

  3. agree, great body al around, tall and nice boobs, not short and big tits, her body looks similar to hoang yen

  4. Hiromi is one of my favorite playmates partly due to the fact that she has such incredible curves. Its rare for a girl to be so lean yet voluptious, and Hiromi knows how to work her curves better than anyone.

  5. Do you suppose her breasts are real? They looked pretty good from what I’ve seen, with no “obvious” signs of tampering.

  6. Hiromi Oshima never had implants, she´s 100% real and always has been!
    I am writing this here because I find it very annoying that people spread and keep on spreading incorrect information that others believe (even if it´s about some crappy topic like this)!
    There is probably not a single picture that could ever make you assume that Hiromi´s breasts are fake! If you have doubt look at the pics where she´s lying on her back or watch the videos available with her. There is also one recent clip for the new Playboy catalogue where she wiggles her boobs and the way they move are proof enough that they are absolutely real!
    The breast size of a woman varies, it´s not always the same!
    Any more questions?

  7. Actually, exactly the same shots indicate to me that they are in fact fake – see here for more info on the types of implants that produce the effect you observe.

    Indeed, just about every pic of Hiromi’s ‘Playboy tits’ indicate pretty clearly that she has implants.

  8. PB Hot Shots 2007

    not the highest quality pdf, only 9 mb
    but it includes

    Hiromi Oshima
    Kimberly Keona
    Lauren Mai
    Yen Hoang


  9. Whoa! That pic posted on Feb 13th looks like a MAJOR enhancement in the breastal area, wouldn’t you say?

    And, they look pretty nice in the other pics. I don’t think the extra enhancement looks very good, though.

    She is very cute, I must say. Susie (her partner in the “girlfriends” pic) looks pretty good, too.

  10. I suspect the pose in the Feb 13 pic just accentuates her boob job. Funny how a lot of people still think she was all-natural (it seems she’s had them removed or reduced since she shot for Playboy).

  11. I was wondering if it was the pose, but they look pretty puffy, there. But, I won’t argue boobs with the Dr, that’s for sure.

    And, yes, even when they looked a little smaller, they look like implants. A good job, mind you, but implants, all the same.

  12. Absolutely one of my favorites — has anybody seen any pics of her pre-boob job? Cuz unless they were only mosquito bites, I think she would still have a fantastic body.

  13. As an acquaintance of mine once said “I’d crawl through a mile of ________ to ________ in her shadow.” Arf and FlipnIrish have probably already filled in the blanks:-)

  14. Arf, you gotta keep it to yourself so we stay out of trouble. Glass is one possible answer, but I would have spelled that out. Try either d or s for the first one and m for the second. I will offer no further clues….

  15. Thanks for the video Arf — I wanna be her lollipop and/or Popsicle. She moves naturally, don’t you think?

  16. Hmmm – after I discovered that I was falsely led to believe another model had implants by Photoshop, I am now beginning to wonder if Hiromi might be natural too, given these last two photo sets – they seem to flatten out in quite a natural way in these. On the other hand, they don’t look that way in the videos I’ve seen, and her recent dramatic reduction in size does suggest the removal of implants. Of course, it is possible that Playboy Photoshoped these two sets to make them look more natural (as opposed to making them look fake in other shots).

  17. Ah Travis, thanks for reminding me of why I concluded she was fake in the first place!

    I can also see why she looks natural in some of the shots in these photo sets too. They photographed her breasts from below when she was lying on her back. This makes them look like they’re flattening out like natural breast tissue, but in reality, her implants are simply moving up toward her chin. I guess I got a little freaked out about being fooled by Photoshop once, and wanted to make sure I didn’t again! 🙂

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