Hiromi Oshima Calendar Shoot 2006

Watch Hiromi Oshima, Playboy Playmate June 2004 in a calendar shoot with famous photographer Mick Gleissner on the beautiful island of Cebu, Philippines. A production of the International Academy of Film and Television (IAFT) in Cebu, Philippines, for Fashion TV.

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  1. Definite downsizing!!! WOW! That’s a rough one to take. She looks so average now. Well Natasha Yi moves up a notch on my top five…

  2. Yeah, I agree: without those curves, she’s just another cute Asian girl – before, she was a knockout! I guess she must have had complications with her last boob job.

  3. Wow, that is shocking to see her without implants – I never thought it was a great job but it was better than nothing. Unless the title is wrong and it’s not ’06, it appears she’s decided (at least for now) to go without.

  4. I’m thinking they’re the same. In the first clip, the flowers on her bikini are a bit distracting…causing visual confusion (or some such cool-sounding term). In the second, it appears to me that the bouyancy of her implants underwater (and her keeping her arms up a lot) are causing them not to “hang” as much.

    It’s all speculation. I don’t care. I still love her. 😉

  5. Re “Before Playboy”–Please note that her ex-boyfriend, who seemingly has every reason to slam her, repeatedly states that her breasts are real. (Also note that pic of her topless on the beach with him.} Hard evidence to the contrary? Dr. Lee?

  6. Actually, looking at the pic her boobs look quite different from her ‘Playboy boob job’ (which I believe really is a boob job). They also don’t look anything like they do in these videos. Perhaps she actually did have decent tits to start out with? Or perhaps the girl in the photo isn’t her at all? It’s not exactly clear.

  7. No that’s definitely her in the old photos and I believe it’s the same job as she had under her PB days. I know that know she wants to be more of a photographer instead of a model, that’s why she’s pretty much dropped off the planet the last two years and I think she proably had the reduction because she was moving out of the modeling side of things. Probably still does the modeling like this every so often to pay the bills while she makes her bones as a photog. Plus she abandoned her website about a year and a half ago doing just one update back in June(?) of last year. God she had such an amazing body though it’s really a shame……heavy sigh…

  8. Hiromi Oshima never had implants, she´s 100% real and always has been!
    I am writing this here because I find it very annoying that people spread and keep on spreading incorrect information that others believe (even if it´s about some crappy topic like this)!
    There is probably not a single picture that could ever make you assume that Hiromi´s breasts are fake! If you have doubt look at the pics where she´s lying on her back or watch the videos available with her. There is also one recent clip for the new Playboy catalogue where she wiggles her boobs and the way they move are proof enough that they are absolutely real!
    By the way, the breast size of a woman varies, it´s not always the same!
    Any more questions?

  9. Actually, exactly the same shots indicate to me that they are in fact fake – see here for more info on the types of implants that produce the effect you observe.

  10. Hiromi oshima’s boobs are real. First of all they look real and have never changed And secondly, in all her interviews she is always saying she likes girls with small real breasts better than large fake ones…. she likes them natural.

    on another note…

    Does anyone know where to ge that underwater video now?

    and where is there a clip of her for a new playboy catalogue?

  11. Well if they were real then she went under the knife to be deboobified because in the above vids she was MUCH smaller. I had a secretary that had a reduction because she was having back pain (one of the saddest days of my life) maybe Hiromi wanted the same thing. She’s virtually left modeling and abandoned her website.

  12. Here we go again – I don’t care what she says (models almost always lie about this sort of thing, and Playboy is notorious for their BS), her breasts show several classic signs of having impants, both in her photos and in her videos. Once again, please read this article – the right type of implant can look remarkably natural. Indeed, I have seen a lot of boob jobs that look more natural than Hiromi’s tits.

    Also, given how successful her modelling career was, why did she suddenly get a reductiopn and abandon it? My guess is she had complications with her ‘Playboy boob job’, so she had to switch to smaller ones (her current breasts look far too firm to be real – see how little they move in these vids).

  13. Lee…..the Asian-Sirens article you referred to in your post needs a layout tweak. I think it’s because of the “PutFile” notice. See 2 or 3 postings up from the bottom. What an obtrusive thing for PutFile to do!

    I’ll let you do the edit. Link

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