Hinano Momosaki


I’m on the fence about Hinano Momosaki. I don’t know if you have ever been on a fence before, but it is unpleasant. You have to straddle both sides just to keep your balance. Not only that, but many fences are rusty, and some have little metal shards sticking out of them. Painful stuff. I wouldn’t recommend being on a fence any time soon.Stats:

Age: 22
Height: 5’6
Ethnicity: Japanese
Located: Tokyo












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0 thoughts on “Hinano Momosaki”

  1. She certainly isn’t anything remarkable, but as with most Japanese models, she’s definitely cute. Her body is better than most Japanese models though.

  2. Are you guys CRAZY? Let’s see:

    Young? CHECK
    Cute? CHECK
    Asian? CHECK
    Naked? CHECK
    Lap hair? CHECK
    Great ass? CHECK
    Natural tits? CHECK
    No Tattoos? CHECK
    No Rhinoplasty? CHECK
    No Photoshopped images? CHECK

    She’s A PERFECT 10 STARS, boys!!!

  3. Although I’m not sure about a few of those points, it is true that she doesn’t have any obvious flaws. But she doesn’t have anything to make her stand out from the crowd either. I may feel that way because I see girls like this every day though, which I guess isn’t the case for most people here.

  4. I am off the fence, while she may not be the prettiest that has been featured it is the first nudity for a while. A definite yes from where I sit.

  5. Good height, natural, no tats or piercings, for the most part it seems only in Japan are the ‘adult stars’ like that.

    I agree though the face isn’t anything spectacular. Cute I guess but not hot.

  6. I’m stuck on the fence too.

    But only because I’ve snagged my scrotum on a bit of wire in my haste to get climb over. Once I’m free, I’ll be up the drain pipe straight through her window.

    Damn I like her.

    Of course, nothing compares to Gympie ladies. However, despite her lack of hairy arm pits and tatts, despite her lack of a buttocks the size of a volkswagon… i still reckon she’s nice.

    I wouldn’t kick her out of bed on a cold dark night. Unless she wanted to pee of course.

  7. Post Script. The big toes are kind funny. I’d have to insist she was wearing ugg boots (and nothing else) during our jelly wrestling sessions.

  8. Love the last shot, but it’s got a lot to do with that thong deep between her ass than anything else.
    Doc is right, unremarkable, and I agree.
    10 checks yes, 10 stars no.

    Ms Hinano doesn’t do it for me
    But yeah it’s nice nudity
    French has got eyes
    He’s got two of those
    He’s noticed her misshapen toes.

    Even clearer here, although I think it’s the same shot as above:

  9. No fence here, I can’t even see the fence it’s so far away. She’s super cute and naked, works for me.

  10. Eyes and nose are a bit ….. different. She has definitely done something with her eyes (but not surgery). I feel your on the fence pain.

  11. A bit young for my tastes, but very special in so many ways–and should be far from any proverbial fence. She has so much to offer and is all natural with no ink. Like her a lot.

    Note: I looked at the pictures at least 4 times and never noticed any toes. I better take another look. Oh, right.. there they are! Passable toes: check.

  12. Also notable: if we sent her to the shop for perfection-eering, then we’d likely be commenting on the “regrettable” nose, rack, or toes.

    With each viewing, she seems ever the more precious… from nose to toes. Yumm.

  13. She’s cute, she’s naked & you guys worry about length of her big toe. What a jaded bunch πŸ˜‰
    Spoiled perhaps by a recent string of beauties.

    Nice height for a J-girl. And what a pleasure to see a pretty nude with smooth skin, free of front end alterations & w/o a tramp stamp.

  14. @Nik2, I wouldn’t say we are ‘worried’ about her big toe. We are just passing comment, because it is a bit unusual to see.
    Jaded? spoiled by recent string of beauties?
    I think the Doc sums it up for me:

    “she doesn’t have anything to make her stand out from the crowd … I may feel that way because I see girls like this every day though, which I guess isn’t the case for most people here”.
    And I for one, see much much better on the streets here. She doesn’t do it for me.
    despite her “smooth skin, free of front end alterations & w/o a tramp stamp”.
    But good for you if she pushes your buttons.

  15. Doc, if you see girls like this everyday than I need to move Down Under! ^_^ Tell you what, I’ll trade you all of the cute Vietnamese girls here in Toronto for all of the cute Japanese ladies in Oz. Deal?! πŸ˜›

    Hinano-chan is adorable and is a lovely 5’6 (right in the sweet spot for me!), has a cute butt, small but delectable breasts and a tight body to boot! Not necessarily a perfect 10 in my book but damn near close! The only thing keeping her off the 10 list is my lack of knowledge of whether she is a snaggletooth vampire or not. Some pics with some pearly whites could put her over the top!

    Having said that, the tattoo naysayers just can’t get enough of condemning tats even when a model doesn’t have any. Yeesh!

  16. Me thinks, LT and Doc Lee
    That you are to tough on Miss JAV
    It is important; you must realize
    That in this ode I mean not to chastise.

    Where you blokes live there is a glut
    Of women with nice tits and fine shapely butt.
    However at this point I must really insist
    That where I live few of these women exist.

    If one is lucky to live in a city
    There are many women you’e consider pretty
    New York, Atlanta, Dallas, LA
    Enough hot babes to lead you astray.

    Yet move away from these places so fine
    You’ll find types more closely related to swine.
    Your women can probably dine at the local cafe
    While ours normally munch on new bales of fresh hay.

    And since science is my chosen career fashion
    [It’s hard, it’s tough, but I love it with passion]
    Sadly though, the women in this fine field
    Should mostly be fitted with a full face shield.

    So have pity on this poor American landlubber
    Who in this blog has been often known to blubber
    You think her average, you deem her plain
    I on the other hand, toast her with champagne.

    Sweet, petite, really a treat
    I didn’t even notice a prob with her feet
    So if you don’t mind, I’ll take a pass
    At knocking her tits or dissing her ass.

    She is, as far as I can see
    Quite hot, to the nth degree
    So there you go, LT and Doc Lee
    Just send her my way, asap.

  17. Her face is cute..I love her eyes and smooth skin…but nothing else really. Nothing really stands out to me about her…like a “wow” factor…

  18. How do I give kudos to Nik2?

    Look – I agree with Doc that she’s not ‘phenomenal’, but so what…

    The search for perfection is fleeting – what’s great about women is their imperfections…and finding the greatness in what’s given.

  19. Nice work dbldipper. πŸ™‚

    In response to AmericanArsenal, ironically I might find this girl more interesting if she had some more obvious “flaws” – nothing too serious of course, but just something to grab attention. It is the small imperfections that give a woman character (although I’m afraid that bizarre big toe doesn’t qualify!).

  20. A very cute girl and lovely skin to boot. Sadly, I dont see the sex appeal. She comes across to me as a high school only. I dont see the womanly part (no pun intended).

  21. Cute, very cute.

    I agree with the girlish part. That makes me attracted to her beauty but not too sexually attracted. Anyway, this blog is all about beauty, so thanks for showing her!

    Common guys, you see this girl with that lovely face, even a nice butt for a japanese and you guys go after the big toe? Where are your priorities??… πŸ™‚

  22. I have to agree on the comments re girls vs. women – the young, naΓ―ve girl looks just comes across as too bimbo looking for me. I understand that this actually the attraction for many men, but I prefer a real woman who looks like she know what she’s doing.

  23. No need to be on the fence about Hinano Momosaki, she is very attractive. I posted 50 large HQ pictures of her stripping out of a schoolgirl uniform and all wet taking a hot shower on my blog at http://sexyinternationalsex.blogspot.com/ for the viewing pleasure of visitors. Anyway, the only thing is that I think she would look better with her own natural hair color. Things need to match if you know what I mean.

    The direct link to those 50 nude photos of Hinano Momosaki is http://sexyinternationalsex.blogspot.com/2010/10/hinano-momosaki-is-tokyo-hot-50p.html

  24. Well, she’s got dyed hair, I presume she’s wearing colored contacts, this can do a lot for a girl, more for a Japanese girl. She’s just above normal with them, take them away and she is.

    Though of course this is only in the world of JAV, if I saw her in the street I’d probably die of dehydration due to over-drooling.

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