Since I don’t always do posts like this, I thought I would throw Hiky out there for those that like alternative women. Hiky is/was a Suicide Girl, and while I’m not fond of the website name, I can appreciate a site dedicated to those that like alternative style.Stats:










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  1. I’m not normally into the ‘alternative’ type – and she isn’t spectacular physically – but there’s something about this girl I find quite attractive. I agree with Basho – she has a good vibe. I wish a could quantify it better!

  2. I agree with the good vibe thing, she seems to have a personality. Not stunning but attractive all the same.

    Suicide girls all have tats, it’s part of the look and they’re for the most part not traditionally beautiful. They’ve carved out a nice niche for themselves.

  3. “Criky” or was “Crikey”? was the first thought when I saw her name and upper torso. Not a fan of tat either but I can easily overlook what she has. Like other said “There is a good vibe” about her.

  4. Thank the heavens, finally nudeness!

    I too like that sexy vibe she gives off, nice smile, nice body, and nice shaved kitty kat.

    I like.

  5. not a huge fan of the tats either but she looks soft from behind…i have had a thing for punky/alternative types in the past and she fits the bill

  6. Minus the tats and the piercing…
    She has the same “vibe” that hooked me on my wife a couple of decades ago. It was fun.

  7. I’ll take a walk on the wild side with this one …

    I don’t think it will be a long walk it will be memorable, me think.

    Nice small body on this gal …

  8. I’ve also had a soft spot for “bad” (but not mean) girls, so Hiky hits the spot (if only that were true. Although, if I brought her home to mother, my mom would have a heart attack. Of course, my wife wouldn’t be too thrilled either:-^)

  9. No doubt she’s got a cheeky personality that comes out pretty clearly in these shots: the cone bra e.g. She could have sucked her gut in a bit in that shot; makes her stomach(s) look kinda weird. So, seeing her naked doesn’t do much for me.
    She’s got the shortest pair of legs I’ve seen on a model for a while. No stats given but I am guessing 4’8″.
    A crazy set of tats that border on tasteless IMO. But I guess that’s the ‘look’ these SG’s aim for.(sigh). Thanks but next, please!

  10. I have to agree with the consensus on this. Not really my type. Not really outstanding. But there is something about her I kinda like. Seems like a chick that could be a friend who you fool around with, from time to time.

  11. @longtack: I think the angle of these photos makes her legs look a lot shorter than they are – the complete opposite of the usual low angle model shots. Also, her stomach in the cone bra shot is similar in form to many Asian girls I’ve seen, but that sort of thing is usually Photoshopped out. While I am most definitely not a fan of SG, do appreciate the realism and creativity of their photography, which I feel is a big part of the charm here.

  12. I’m gonna have to agree with you longtack…I do likey Hiky. I do however feel she could benefit and improve her appearance a little if she would do some squats in the gym…maybe a little cycling to tighten her quads and glutes up a little. I would then throw some upper body strengthening to top it all off. But once again…I still likey Ms Hikey, especially the tats.

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