Hello from E.J. Masuda

E.J. Masuda

Hello and many thanks to Marco for allowing me the great pleasure and privilege of contributing to Asian Sirens! As an entertainment industry “slave” and some-time actress/model I am always up to showing my support for the beautiful and talented Asian artists out there making their marks.http://www.myspace.com/mshollyweird

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  1. Welcome aboard Ms. Masuda! I hope you don’t mind me saying you are gorgeous. Thats great that you are a top 5 finalist for East West Woman magazine. Wishing you continued success!

  2. Vote for E.J. Masuda at East West magazine which is holding their 3rd annual face contest. You have to register on that site to vote and voting ends on July 11th and only one vote is counted per person. Besides E.J., there are quite a few cute Asian girls on the voting page as well to checkout. E.J. is near the bottom of the voting page.

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