Helen Su

Helen Su

Meet Helen Su, a 23 year old student and model from Southern California. Her ethnicity is Chinese. I came across Helen’s MySpace and Xanga pages and found lots of fun and sexy pictures of her. Take a look especially at the many pics in her Xanga blog. She looks like she really enjoys go-go dancing and partying with her sexy girlfriends. You can meet Helen in person at one of the many import shows she attends.

Helen lists her interests as Hula, Tahitian dance, working out, shopping, tennis, eating out, ballets, plays, musicals and traveling. On another site she mentions she enjoys “dancing around in my panties.” 🙂 Click on More for a few more sample images of 165cm (5’5″) Helen.

Helen Su

Helen Su

Helen Su

Helen Su

Helen Su

Helen Su

Links for Helen Su

Helen Su on MySpace
Helen Su on Xanga
Helen Su’s Official website (Under construction)

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  1. Robin…glad u like Helen, me too! 🙂

    If you are willing to go thru the many screens of her Xanga blog, you will find some real gem images of her scattered throughout her text entries. At the end of each page, click “Next 5” for the next page of entries.

  2. DAMN!!! Good find, she’s absolutely gorgeous. I went through her Xanga blog…some nice pics there. My favorite is her and her roller blades….

  3. I saw her at Glamourcon LA on Sunday November 20th but didn’t take a photo since like many models she charged people to take her photo. I actually didn’t pay any model explicitely to take her photo which limited the number of photos I could take but in some cases I bought one of the photos they had on display if it wasn’t too expensive and I liked it.

    Helen looked quite a bit different in person than in the photos above (not quite as glamorous which is ironic given that she was at Glamourcon).

    If anyone is interested, you can read my report on Glamourcon at my Asian Divas Yahoo Group. In that report, there are 3 slightly reduced size photos of Teanna Kai, Alice Bradley, and Charisse Kailyn as well as a link to the full set of 28 photos.

  4. Charisse is wearing that makeup that makes her look like she’s had plastic surgery again – what a shame. Still, the models here are clearly, well, models (unlike that previous ‘model’ showcase event). Thanks badboy!

    P.S. I’m not surprised about Helen – the photos above are clearly very flattering and ‘glamorous’.

  5. bleh… i’m with doc. having a digital camera is not a reason/excuse for an average looking girl to put her so-so pics on the net. digital debris/clutter.

  6. Nik2, I am not sure I want to ask but who are you referring to? Helen Su? The photos above were obviously not self taken so your comment doesn’t make sense to me.

  7. Dr Lee. Almost any girl has had some kind of plastic surgery in your point of view. And if you think she did not have surgery she has makeup that looks plastic. This sounds obsessive to me. Why are you so obsessed with plastic surgery? And why are you so negative on this subject. Sorry but… i like to look at all these beatifull women and i don’t like all the obsessive plastic surgery talk.

  8. If you read my comments you will see I have been very complimentary of good plastic surgery (such as what they do in Korea or a good boob job). I just really object to the current ‘plastic face’ trend in the US (particularly LA), which I think is destroying the natural beauty of thse girls and making them not look Asian (which is how we should want them to look at Asian Sirens!).

    Also, I am Asian Sirens’ resident plastic surgery expert (see my previous articles) – that’s why they call me the Doc!

  9. I think it’s pretty clear from his comments that he is unaware of the full range of comments (and posts) I’ve made on this issue, especially the positive ones. So he doesn’t seem to be aware that I am a ‘good critic’ on this issue.

  10. FYI guys: The name “Jean” is typically the female spelling. There are exceptions though. In France for example, Jean is the male spelling.

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