Hang Rubi


Hằng Rubi is a young model from Vietnam with an impressive array of photos that look like they were taken with a digital camera circa 2003. But hey – photos! I don’t know when or where she became a model and I’m having a really hard time with my FireFox right now, so in the interests of time I’m not going to bother looking. Sorry. I am pretty sure she was a Miss Teen Vietnam, which I saw briefly in one of the links below. Anyway, she’s here now, and I have links to some really attractive galleries.Stats:

Age: 22
Height: 5’3
Ethnicity: Vietnamese
Located: Vietnam








Photos 1
Photos 2
Photos 3
Photos 4

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0 thoughts on “Hang Rubi”

  1. She’s “real world ” hot…but that lead photo is lookin’ straight “escort profile”. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  2. Pretty Magnificent! ” Put a smile on your face ten miles wide
    Looks so good bring a tear to your eye
    Sweet cherry pie, yeah” I just watched that video on VH1 and had to put it on here.

  3. Just returned from Vietnam- many women like this. Very white skin, no enhancements, and she wears a ao dai very well.

    I like how her teeth are not “perfect”. The “photos 3” threw me as she is posing next to modified Hondas yet she does not have the SoCal look.

    I love that cute Viet nose but I would want to see a little more definition in her lower legs (calves and ankles).

    Looks like that first photo was taken in Saigon- the Ferris Wheel is way in the background- only noticed when I was staring at her fine arse.

    Awaiting Dr. Lee’s thoughts….

  4. The best performance is in last picture with traditional Vietnam suit.
    She has long legs and beautiful face.
    She will be a star.

  5. Sorry for double post, but make sure to check out the pic links if you think she’s cute, the pics posted here are good, but there are some even better ones in the links.

  6. Very cute and has an amazing body. I’d love to see some more professional shoots (and bikini/lingerie shots!)

  7. I don’t know danzlover. I’ve sat on the side of the road (not in the middle of the street) and used my laptop to take advantage of free wifi, on occasion.

    But I never looked that good doing it.

  8. We all have our own tastes… but this girl is by far the most beautiful I’ve seen on this site. Wow.

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