0 thoughts on “Going Up?”

  1. I really like the Wacoal commercials. They have some good ones on Thai TV, too. They always show pretty girls, usually in their bras. The product is nice, too. But a little bit expensive.

  2. That Metacafe site is addictive. After you watch one video they give you a choice of 4 more on a related subject. It goes on and on. I gotta stop this and get back to work.

  3. i like the way the whole thing is in japanese (which i understand) and then at the end the chinese language voiceover (which i don’t) is like: “blah-blah UP… blah-blah-blah UP, UP… blah-blah-blah-blah UP, UP, UP!” great!

  4. I understand “UP”…and I understand premium rackage.What more do I need? BTW-worse things could happen to you than having her moan /squeal into your ear under more…uh horizontal circumstances.Nice.

  5. so let me get this straight ; the symbol for up in their country is the same where you call someone a loser here in the u.s. ? lol yea very cute girl rob good find … like always !

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