Glamourcon Girl’s Alice Bradley

Alice Bradley is Glamourcon Girl April 2006

Alice Bradley was mentioned before at Asian Sirens by Badboy. Last month she was featured as April’s Glamourcon Girl which means you will find an interview (with Bob Schultz) and a nice photoshoot (with photographer Keith E. Williams) of her online. Enjoy!

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  1. She is pretty good looking for an older gal.

    Women tend to change after they have a child. Beside the obvious issues with stretch marks (you can see them below her navel), sagging, looser skin, body fat and other stresses on the body, the connective tissue of the body becomes softer during pregnancy. You can see the affect of the hormones on connective tissue in the face. Women become more mature and a bit softer along the jaw line and around the eyes. When you see early pictures of Alice Bradley, before she had a child, you can see the differences in her.

    Beautiful women tend to become more “handsome” after pregnancy — less like young girls. Its a sad fact of life but the bloom is only supposed to last so long… just long enough to get pollunated. Have you ever seen what happened to poor Kobe Tai??? Yeesh.

    Pregnancy is rough on any woman but if you are an asian model, I think its time to put away the bikini and focus on being a good mother. Maybe they should focus on instilling more self esteem than some of the poor young girls in Southern California are afforded these days.

    Alice is probably the prettiest Mom at the PTA meetings, granted, but her Hot Import Nights aint so hot anymore.

    Sorry to be harsh, Alice. You are still very lovely and your husband is indeed a lucky man.

    – R

  2. Alice is a beautiful girl. I can’t put my finger on it, but theres something different about her which makes her stand out in my mind.

    I wasn’t sure if she had a kid in the past, but I also noticed the stretch marks on her stomach. Really, its her only flaw though. I don’t think she should throw in the towel.

    Did Kobe Tai have a kid? I can’t imagine her body any way other than unbelievably tiny.

  3. From wikipedia:
    Tai married adult film actor Steven Scott, who performs under the name Mark Davis, in 1997. The couple divorced in 1999, though she continues to use the name Carla Scott.
    In 2000, she left the industry, announcing that she was expecting her first child. She had a son, born sometime late 2000 to early 2001. She returned to pornography in December 2001 in the movie Jenna Loves Kobe, with Jenna Jameson. Since then, she has starred in a total of 365 movies. She has dual nationality.

    And a picture of her looking less tiny and a bit rough after her baby.

  4. Redlaw, you aren’t kidding! She looks terrible in those pics. I wouldn’t have even recognized her if it didn’t say her name at the top of the page. I knew she got married to Mark Davis, but didn’t know she got divorced or had a kid. Hope she’s looking better than that now.

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