Ginger Li

Ginger Li (Photography:  Mike Jones)

Malaysian born Ginger Li is an exquisite mix of Chinese and Thai. She has been featured at websites such as, and

I’m wondering if Ginger Li is the same girl as Candy Song. Anyone?

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  1. was already under construction since I left the scene back in 2001 😉

    Based on some deskresearch (someone has to do the dirty work), I think Ginger Li and Candy Song are one and the same girl.

  2. Different names for different type of jobs (glamour, adult, etc). Most of the models even don’t use their real name. And to be honest, I can’t blame them for that.

  3. Ginger Li is the name she went by when I first heard about her. Zev Manor made a site for her So I believe she goes by Ginger Li everywhere but on the site Zev made for her.


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