Ginger Li now Milan Q?

Ginger Li now Milan Q

We have written about Ginger Li (aka Candy Song) before and when doing some quick research just now I got to her MySpace where she now calls herself Milan Q. Ohw, and she is a blonde now. Some of these girls really seem to have identity issues 😉
Ginger Li now Milan Q

Ginger Li now Milan Q

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  1. I’ve been wondering what had happened to her. Haven’t seen anything new of her in a long time which is a shame because she really is cute with a smoking body. The blonde hair ain’t that bad, but she looks way better without it.

  2. Ha. Without her hair dyed blonde is what I mean 😛 I don’t mind a streak of blonde here or there, but totally blonde just doesn’t look right, so I hope it’s just a phase for her. Look how good she looks in the last pic with that nice round ass looking all juicy.

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