Gee Castillo


Geralynn ‘Gee’ Castillo is a model who is fairly new to the scene. Gee caught my attention on Tumblr where she was modeling apparel by Two in the Shirt, which also happens to be one of my favorite shirt companies.

Gee is also a lovely mix of Filipino, Chinese, and Irish ethnicities and is definitely a fresh face worth checking out.Stats:
Age: 20
Height: 5’1″
Weight: 100 lbs
Measurements: 34-23-30
Ethnicity: Filipina/Chinese/Irish
Location: Kent, Washington, USA











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0 thoughts on “Gee Castillo”

  1. Weeeeeeeee !!! I’m first to jump in with a resounding YES!!!!

    And why is that hot girls look even hotter upside down???

    It might have something to do with fond memories of a certain young lady in China that I could swing around by the ankles….. or as a former Tasmanian maybe i just appreciate the map of Tassie being located up top for a change.

    Either way, Gee hits the spot for me!!!

  2. Despite the apparently unusual ethnicity, she comes across as a little too “yet another import model” to me (I would have guessed she was Viet, as so many current import models are).

  3. Love her small hips. Dislike her annoying website.

    She is pretty, but agree with the good Doc….kind of “generic Hot Import Nights model” to me.

    I thought she was a little bit Viet too….

    Girl should stop spending money on blue contact lenses and hire a maid. Good Lord that is a messy room (Tumblr pics), and I’ve seen some real female slobs in college.

    What does this tattoo say?

  4. She’s pretty hot, and I really like her body. However, I will add that I’d like to see some shots where she doesn’t have so much makeup on so I can see what her face really looks like. I’m digging the mixed ethnicities though.

  5. a fine example of all that is good about import models. I like her a lot. I hope she doesn’t get many more tatts.

  6. Lovely smile, and I love the pic of her in the shorts and yellow top. And going by what neo aka wildone106 says, she has a great personality too. Bonus!

    ummm she has tats Luke72?

  7. Very pretty. Nose job?

    Also, that’s a messy room?

    Finally, contacts? The blue-grey eyes may be natural. She _is_ hapa.

  8. I really like this girl!!
    @french: You should see my daughter’s room:-( Actually, no, you shouldn’t. Stay away from her, you perv j/k

  9. @slackerking: of course there are hotter models out there, but that shouldn’t exclude us from appreciating someone like Gee or bringing her to the attention of those who may really like her.

    I think she’s cute. That’s all.

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