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In my last post, I wrote about the extraordinary sexual revolution that appears to be going on in China at the moment. Yet more evidence of this is 27 year-old model Gan Lulu, who appears to have made a living out of appearing at public events in the most outrageous (and I must say quite creative) outfits imaginable. She had a meteoric rise to fame after her mother posted a video of her walking out of the shower naked on YouTube, supposedly to find her a boyfriend. It was obviously just a (very effective) publicity stunt though, and her mother’s relationship with her is, well, interesting and unusual to say the least…Date of Birth: Sept 19, 1985
Height: 162 cm
Weight: 48 kg
Measurements: 35D 24 35






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  1. Gan Lulu is quite the sexy vixen. Lovely curves. Pretty face. Really long hair. I like that she likes to smile! She’s got my attention!

    Although, I think she looks older than her age of 27….

    I wish I could understand what her mother is saying in the video.

  2. We can at least see half of her bum in the first photo. The first MOKO! pic with the yellow dress showing her cleavage was crazy sexy.

  3. When beauty is wrapped in crazy, I shall pass.

    Western nose, very nice tits, very crazy mom, good photoshop, and good make-up.

  4. stunning! and while 2 of the links above are blocked, I get at least 10 pages on her blog! Yay! I agree with arf – the yellow dress and the amazing cleavage..gulp! No push up bra needed with Gan Lu (Lulu).
    Mum is scary though..

  5. Beautiful woman, that’s for sure. But I have to agree with fungusfarm. Except for the pictures that are heavily Photoshopped, she does look quite a bit older than 27.

    And speaking of Photoshop, can you believe what they did with her mother?

  6. Very strange of how a mother exploit her daughter like that. I guess it’s all about money in order to live in a high lifestyle.

  7. The silver costume is asking for a wardrobe malfunction.
    I agree with French on this one, the mum thing is a bit much, but she has great tits.

  8. pretty hot but i feel like shes an annoying mix of like the equivalent of americans paris hilton/kim kardashian/lady gaga

  9. @Kroos, I can lip read and I’m pretty sure she said “no close ups”, although it was kind of muffled.

  10. Kardashian’s mother also negotiated her porn video, so they say.
    I guess there’s a special club of mothers out there.
    Gan is pretty hot, and very pretty!
    Is she the chinese Paris (Hilton)?

  11. Referring to VodanhZ’s link.
    She pretty darn cute without makeup. Such a hottie. Her boobs look natural on that last pic from that link. Or is it enhanced?

  12. ck those babies out up close and personal routine….

    Crazy isn’t sexy, but Gan Lulu is definitely hot. Some of her outfits are reminiscent of Cher back in the day.

  13. And I predict she’ll soon move from implied nudity to full nudity, but maybe that’s just wishful thinking;-)

  14. Thanks for the link to renti mcantrell and vodanhZ…haven’t been there for a while.
    psssssst she’s NUDE guys! and quite

  15. Glad I came back and saw the nude photos supplied by mcantrell and vodanhZ. Thanks.

    Very nice tits, really lousy western nose. If I want to see a western nose, I will look in the mirror.

  16. Color me not all that impressed with her nudes. Nice boobs, but she looks very soft overall (and again, I wouldn’t turn her down, okay?).

  17. From the vid and my mandarin is pretty bad but basically her mom is pimping her out with how life is “challenging” in China.

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